Getting your Team Building Green Machine Trikes 4 Children’s Charities and kids with a disability, is the most rewarding and fun corporate group event focused on Corporate Socially Responsible CSR. Giving the gift of your companies investment both financially and through team development to deliver smiles and support disadvantaged children.

Bring a smile to your staff and the kids receiving the 3 wheeled Green Machine trikes. Ideal for providing mobility for disadvantaged kids and children with a disability throughout Australia. Experience the awesome fun and success of building together a stable easy to ride green fun machine.Rewarding charity Team Building Activities Green Machine for Children

Witness corporate groups connecting with their inner child in addition to being rewarded with a team building process that gives to other this EOFY, Christmas or any day of the year everywhere.

Most of all, employees and staff are rewarded by helping others!

CSR Charity Team Building Activity Green Machine Trikes for Tykes is Terrific Fun Rewarding Staff Experience

Thrill Events provides new team building ideas that engage your staff and employees. Providing positive experiences that make a difference to children that have been disadvantaged in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne.

Suited to 15 employees as well as corporate group events with over 500 staff.

Ideal as a break out activity from conferences, meetings, off sites and incentives.

Engage in professionally run team development activities that are intelligent, powerful and provide meaningful results.

Your staff even get to ride the Green Machines in a fun relay race!

What has been achieved so far?

Over 35 hugely exciting Green Machine Building team events have been successfully conducted by Thrill, at Novotel Manly Beach, The Pullman Sydney Olympic Park, Parramatta Mantra in addition to The Gold Coast Surfers Paradise and Q1 conference rooms in Queensland.

We are excited to turn offices and conference venues into an eco-green laughter filled space, with kids receiving the gifts you build while playing and shouting their delight! enquiry button thrill team events

Thrill facilitates rewarding CSR experiences throughout Sydney, The Gold Coast, Canberra, throughout Melbourne, Victoria in The Langham, Crown Casino. Setting up amazing experiences in all venues. Supplying events with meaning, that allows kids imaginations and inspiration to soar.

Charities that have received a Thrilling Green Machine include;

  • The Smith Family
  • Variety The Children’s Charity
  • OzChild
  • Barnardos and numerous lesser known local charities including
  • Kidzwish
  • Royal Far West
  • As well as local schools for special needs and Kids with a Disability like Lifestart or Bridging The Gap.
  • Please help us to help disadvantaged kids receive a brilliant fun bike, trike, billy cart or rocking horse to ride soon.

Importantly Thrill Green Machine Trikes for Tykes unites staff, managers and employees in a common goal activity. The parts are robust and when correctly assembled, make great team work the challenge. Following Thrill team building facilitators with easy to understand instructions and guidance.

Your Thrill mechanic / team building activities host guides teams through a series of fun team building exercises that relate to the construction. We organise children to be in attendance to receive the green machine trikes for tykes directly from your employees. Or have them delivered when kids cannot attend.

It is an exceptional reward to be giving gifts that have been built by your business and colleagues. Engagement and participation is 100%; with your staff knowing they have contributed significantly to making a difference to a child’s life. Witnessing first hand the positive impact of their work.

Corporate Socially Responsible Events where Trikes and Teams Building Bikes Thrills Staff and Kids Alike

One of those thrilling wow moments in team building for me, was recently in Manly by the beach at The Novotel and then again in the Southern Highlands at The Gibralatar Hotel.

Here under our guidance and team development facilitation, 20 Green Machines were built by Mauri ANZ. Each Green Machine was wonderfully received by 20 super excited kids. Reveling in the sliding and riding of their awesomely built green machine trike bikes.

We understand that selecting the best team building activities is a challenge. This is where Thrill assists corporates, businesses, CEO’s, PA’s and EA’s to receive the right details and a free professional service quote in a few easy steps.

To get the event planning started on your next conference, cultural day embedding excellence in organisational values.

Please let us know;

  • the date of activities required
  • location desired
  • number of employees
  • achievements that you wish to address
  • Nominate the amount of Green Machines Trikes For Tykes you would like to be built. Remember, the more the merrier!
  • Outcomes you wish to achieve and the Charity partner you would liuke to work with

Thrill then custom builds the program to match with brilliant achievable outcomes for a terrific successful happy, smiles all round result!

EXTRA Ideas for Empowering Effective Teams Performance

  • Building BMX Stunt Bikes – Your colleagues even get to ride these street cred bikes and test them out prior to gifting them.
  • Teaching your team to drive great results aboard the wonderful Green Team Building Machines at your next conference or large corporate group event.

Call THRILL the dedicated CSR team building experts and Thrill your staff this End Of Financial Year or Christmas celebration! Phone:  02 9630 2222