Crime Scene Investigation CSI team building activities can be fun, or a serious strategic teamwork exercise to improve collaboration, communication and cooperation of your staff to resolve a real crime. But, how does it improve teamwork?

Your team becomes CSI Investigators enter a realistic re-enacted Crime Scene to witness the devastation!

Evidence can be found everywhere! team building activities enquiry link

Required, is a focused team with a desire to succeed. Using their analytical mind set. Leading their teams to success. Identifying the suspects and resolving the mystery of the crimes Thrill presents.

Crime Scene Investigation CSI Clever Strategic and Analytical Team Building Exercises

Your job as the CSI agent team is to:csi crime scene investigation team building activities sydney

  • Locate all suspects
  • identify crime scene components
  • collect vital evidence of ballistics,
  • check the identity of suspects
  • inspect, test and analyse the evidence collected
  • verify and establish the truth of any alibi’s
  • interview witnesses and persons of interest
  • fingerprint and DNA Sample
  • be resourceful and analytical, pushing aside the emotional forces
  • determine and deliver a verdict professionally based on real evidence
  • Impartiality and a focus on facts backed up by evidence is relied upon.

Dig into a crime scene world to investigate beyond what seems obvious. This is not CSI Miami or CSI NY it is CSI Sydney and Melbourne Crime Stop for all groups at any venue. We set up the crime scene for you to discover. A selected crime scene is realistically prefabricated with; Mannequins, personal histories, blood splatter arrangements, finger prints, evidence collection techniques, specimens, black light investigation techniques, acidity, ballistics analysis and blood testing. Just as we did for the UK based actors from GEORDIE SHORES in Coogee.

Ask us for Custom designed CSI team building activities based on the crime scene details you supply. Ready to frame a colleague? Discuss your worst case scenario and we will develop a suitable program to resolve.

THRILL team will develop a crime scene to match your specifics and location. We set up all the props, blood splatter, ballistics, traces and forensics to bring a reality TV show style drama to team building activities. CSI team building is ideal for companiCSI team building activity scenario with blood splatter arrangementses looking to develop team work with forensics in mind. From 5 – 100 Crime Scene Investigator CSI participants.

Your appointed and briefly trained detectives search for planted clues and collect real evidence to determine

  • The What
  • The How
  • The Who
  • The Why

THRILL specialises in large corporate groups. As well as fun to serious team building events. Scenes and scenarios are taken direct from real life case studies. The CSI corporate team building activity can be conducted in Sydney, Melbourne and on the Gold Coast.

Looking for high quality facilitated team building exercises. Thrill Makes no bones about developing exceptional, realistic Crime Scene Investigation Scenarios. The tone of the team building program can be adapted to be more light hearted or serious outcomes for process driven and analytical teams.


Thrill CSI team building activities for conferences in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast

CSI is ideally suited to a 2-4 hour time allocation. Customised crime scenes recreated as team building activity exercises in all venues, Australia Wide.

  • in your Offices, Hotel Rooms
  • Crime Scenes set up Outdoors or Indoors
  • Conference Centers and for Conferencing activities
  • Venues in Sydney CBD
  • Crime Scenes recreated in Resorts on Islands
  • New team building CSI in Sydney’s Old Hospitals and Historic Buildings

Review a CSI NY or CSI Miami episode for Thrill to replicate.CSI team building activity with crash test cyclist dummy sustained head injury

Provided on CSI Corporate Crime Scene Investigations

  • Trained professional team building facilitators with a science back ground
  • Themed Set up
  • Elaborate Crime Scenes
  • Evidence locations
  • Lab Coats
  • Finger Printing
  • Blood Splatter creation and analysis
  • Ballistics comparisons
  • Acidity Tests
  • Investigation & Forensic Techniques to be able to read and interpret the crime scene
  • Observation and collection techniques which result in a final believable and verifiable verdict.
  • Crime and Intelligence Activities are designed and facilitated to include everyone.
  • Engraved crime scene investigation winners Trophy

Further Details and Alternatives more Fun Team Activities Include

  • Crime scenes discovered
  • Indoors or Outdoors
  • teams collect evidence
  • fingerprints, ballistics, blood samples
  • investigate critical links between findings and suspects
  • determine the what, where and why
  • teams analyse and resolve the crime collaboratively
  • Kidnappings, Hostage, Negotiation
  • Terrorist Tactics, Spy Games, Homicide

Alternative team building activities include;

Murder Mysterys, Fun Cluedo Team Building in Sydney, Sherlock Games, 60 Minutes to Escape. Treasure Hunts and Mission team building quote

Outcomes facilitated to achieve team building success

The mechanics of team building processes is engineered into the design & delivery of every activity. We set the props and design the programs for teams to:

  • Overcome Challenges, Improve Communication,¬† Implement Problem Solving.
  • Get ready to utilise Project Management and Planning Skills.
  • Integrate Strategic Thinking & Decision Making with a final verdict delivered.
  • Clever fun new CSI ¬†team building activities & events in Sydney & Melbourne.

Call THRILL Corporate Events Team in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and The Gold Coast now on 02 9630 2222.