Thrill supplies Artists for events and for commissions hire on corporate projects to create murals, designs, sculptures or for groups education, team building and creative collaborations. Terrific range of VISUAL ART SKILLS where we can facilitate, teach, and Showcase your teams visual art works, in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. find artists for commission work on creative events

Search and Find Artists to Create for Commissions and Events as team building facilitators that possess Artistic skills in

  • Adobe Creative Suites
    – Photoshop, Illustrator, Photoshop Express, Adobe Draw, Adobe Capture, Adobe Sketch, Photoshop Mix and Procreate
  • Supply and utilise Photographic equipment – SLR cameras
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Drawing skills – including life drawing
  • Traditional media – watercolor, oil, acrylic, pastels, pencils, pen, ink
  • Ceramics – pottery and glass – lamp work, torch and flame work
  • Collage and sculpture / sculpting
  • Printmaking
    – mono prints; relief, dry point, intaglio, planography, glyclee, block prints, reductive printing, gelatin prints, lino cut,
  • Printing press
  • Colour mixing and theory and knowledge and theory of art history
  • OHS requirements for art studio practice
  • Use of social media
  • Collaboration and engagement on creative work with other artists
  • Illustrators and Illustration Teacher
  • Digital Teacher
  • Professional Practice Teacher
  • Create Course Managers
  • College of Arts & Technology

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Illustrating Children’s books – Make Art That Sells

Make Art That Sells Bootcamp – Make Art That Sells

Designing Your Way – Make It In Design

Photoshop For Designers – Textile Design Lab

Art Therapy in Schools- Professional Development with Critical Agendas

Making Connections Divergent Thinking in the Classroom – Heide Museum of Modern Art

Visual Thinking Strategies – Heide Museum of Modern Art

Steiner Extra Lesson Program – workshop in Steiner Education – Extra Lesson program a visual art and movement based therapy at The Extra Lesson Institute in Canberra 2015

Completed 3 day ZART ART workshop in professional development for Art Teachers 2015

Initatic Art Therapy – 36 hours’ professional development at School of Initiatic Art Therapy 2015



Kip and Co Art Series Bean Bag Competition – WINNER 2015

Arro Homewares design – Competitor 2016

Wraptious Homewares design – Competitor 2016

Ohh Deer Pillow Fight – Competitor 2015


FIXATE for RAW Natural Born Artists 2017

Brunswick Street Gallery Small Works Exhibition 2017

Illustre Exhibition Prahran Melbourne Polytechnic 2016

Linden Postcard Exhibition 2016

Open Mind Exhibition 2016

Brunswick Street Gallery 2016

Penny Beam Gallery 2016

Open Thornbury 2016

Linden Art Gallery Postcard Exhibition 2015

Couch Fest at NCAT 2015

The Melbourne Clinic as part of National Mental Health Week 2015

Deakin Edge Federation Square for NCAT 2015

Brunswick Summer Arts Festival 2015

Freelance Artist/Illustrator 2015

Specialist Educational Services

Educational Consultant developing new arts program

Advertising Sales Advisor