Sydney Flash Mob Wedding Proposal with Mannequin Challenge

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sydney-wedding-flash-mob30 Thrill dancers performed an amazing surprise Sydney Flash Mob and Mannequin Challenge for a young couples most magical moment. Their very special, unique and authentic wedding proposal. Performed in The Rocks, with a gorgeous backdrop of The Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Our 30 amazing talented flash mob dancer performers provided inspirational dance choreography. 6 Tracks of music were mixed with the highlight moment being Bruno Mars “think I Want To Marry You”. Creating an eternally captured moment for the couple and 1,000’s of onlookers bringing an appreciative audience.

The wedding proposal flash mob dance in Sydnye’s Rocks was a complete surprise! Attracting people to witness and share the moment in time with a wonderful couple who embraced a touch of exhibitionism.

The effect of 30 dancers took away the pressure, making way for an explosion of  happiness when the skywriting plane created a loveheart in the skies.

This feeling in space brings people together, sharing a feeling of happiness for other people to witness their unity.

Mannequin Challenge Flash Mob Stops Sydney

In that one moment it made people forget that they don’t know each other. Freeze framed. Allowing laughter, chatter and sharing such a unique occasion.

Flash mob event dance routines and choreography are planned and practiced by the Thrill team. To an impeccable level of synchronisation coupled with amazing dance moves by individual performers and artists. Creating a spectacle of wonderment in Sydney.

We enjoy ensuring the dance is interpretative and lyrical. Matching the clients brief.

That everyone and anyone can participate. Our choreographers design routines to fit peoples abilities and talents. We help design and create special events that last a lifetime. We love get everyone moving and having a great time! mannequin challenge flash mob in sydney

Thrill provides moments to bring people the surprise of happiness and give performances that can be enjoyed. We provide entertainment and activities that loosen people up and get people to just throw themselves in. Really getting involved without a care in the world!

Kudos goes to all who participated including Mish Chapman – Thrill event coordinator co-created a lovely 30 person professional dance performance with Mel Louise.

The most important thing is people participating in all shapes and forms – making a thrilling flash mob an amazing experience for all!


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