FLASH MOB EVENTS in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne – Everywhere!

THRILL creates exceptional choreographed spectacular fun Flash Mobs for EVERYONE.free team building quote

Ideal as a performance, Special Events or a Corporate Team Building Activities.

Bringing the WOW factor to the streets of Sydney, Brisbane & Melbourne.

Tick Flash Mobbing off your Bucket List!

- 100% Engagement – 100% Smiles – 100% Rewarding!

Johnson & Johnson CEO made a special commendation of the THRILL team at the Sofitel – Melbourne.
“you brought us all together – this was the best team building experience Johnston and Johnston have participated in. Thank you for such an incredible flash mob”

Gavin Fox-Smith CEO of JnJ -  2014



Innovate, Uplift, Excite, Spectacular – Incorporating the THRILL Signature WOW Factor.

Arrange a meeting with Mish – our resident Dancer, Choreographer and Instructor.

Designing and teaching fun Dance moves for Everyone that make your team flash mob memorable, legal, exciting and spectacular.

We create the scene, timings and ensure the flash mob is a brilliant and achievable performance. With clever choreography and a crescendo – highlighting individual skills!

Step 1 – Flash Mob Development Phase – Call Mish: 02 9630 2222.

Step 2 – Choreography & Music – THRILL develop your music track & choreography exclusively for you!

Step 3 – Fine Tuning – ensuring all venues, licensing & logistics are in place

Step 4 – Teach & Rehearse – meet your team, demonstrate and then practice, practice, practice!

Step 5 - PERFORMANCE! at your venue of choice (Public or Private)

Options: have your flash mob experience captured by THRILLs very own Videographer!
UNSW Childcare FUN FLASH MOB by THRILL.com.au from THRILL team events on Vimeo.

3 Dance layers from Contemporary to Funk with a Bollywood finale included every dance skill level.

100% engagement, 100% smiles, 100% rewarding.

For all groups, conventions and events throughout Australia and World-wide.

Have a Flash Mob performed for you or participate in one!!!

From Sydney to Canberra, FlashMobbing in Brisbane, FlashMobs in Melbourne – Australia Wide.

Rotary Flashmob Sydney Olympic Park by THRILL.com.au Team Events from THRILL team events on Vimeo.

Enjoy one of our recent Melbourne Federation Square Flash Mob performance with 240 dancers bringing the HAPPY!

240 of Johnston and Johnston sales force 

In aid of cleft palate surgery for underprivileged children.

Brought SMILES to the streets of Melbourne in Fedration Square during the Australian Tennis Open.

JnJ CEO made a special commendation of the THRILL team at the Sofitel
“you brought us all together – this was the best team building experience Johnston and Johnston have participated in. Thank you for such an incredible flash mob” Gavin Fox-Smith CEO Jan 2014

Innovative, Uplifting, Exciting, Spectacular – Incorporating the Thrill signature wow factor.

We embrace fun flash mobs for corporate groups. Designed and delivered for special events.

All music rights and permits professionally managed.

Flash mob team building activities sydney
Thrill FlashMob team building activities. Practicing a lift! Well done JnJ – You Rocked it!!!

Whether you are searching as a group of friends or a corporation for spectacular activities. We will custom design, train and deliver  FLASH MOBS for all events and every special occasion.

The THRILL team has an exceptional choreography dance team.

Designing and teaching fun dance moves for everyone that make your team flash mob memorable, legal, exciting and spectacular!

THRILL Flash Mobs, Street Invasions and Experiential marketing flash mobs, provide the opportunity to experience a united effort that has an immediate and lasting effect.

Both visually stunning as well as exciting to participate in.

Bringing excitement to your venue, the streets or creating an impact to ignite an international delegate conference or launch a marketing blitz!

THRILL team events synchronises and layers the dance move elements to ensure that everyone is involved and is not just a mob.

We create the scene, timings and ensure the flash mob is a brilliant and achievable performance. With clever timing, choregraphy and a crescendo.

Highlighting strong individual skills and ensuring 100% engagement.

THRILL Flashmobs team building experiences that achieve an active fun, common goal!

Thrill FlashMob choregraphed team building activities
Thrill Flash Mob team building activities are immense fun – JnJ in the Sofitel Melbourne displaying a Star! Moves!

Develop and strengthen team bonds – promoting healthy corporate activities fun team exercise and energising revealing the hidden talents of your corporate group or team.

From the high flying acrobatically able, to get down, hip-hop, funk, rock or reveal your staff and employees unique styles and grooves.

THRILL choreographers are friendly fun dance teachers working with the individual talents of your team to bring out the best for your flash mob.

Watch the joy and happiness as your team moves in unison to music – a positive team building activity for all abilities, even for the two left feet and basic step touch’ers.

Everyone can do “spirit fingers” and watch out – there is always someone ready to ‘bust a move’!!!!

Strengthen communication and leadership skills, seeking clarification, receiving clear feed back with demonstrations explained.

Flash Mobs are explosive, fun out of comfort zone – short public or private performances that can take a team or audience interaction to new heights.

Rewarding and exceptionally FUN – as your team grooves to the music typically 3-5 music tracks mashed over 3-6 minutes.

Enjoyment, excitement, enthusiasm, professionally organised, exceptionally well delivered with the  inclusion of everyone.

THRILL FLASHMOBS made easy to learn; 

OUR Step by Step GUIDE to Flash Mobbing.

Step 1 ASK!

Discuss your Flash Mob activity aims, processes and outcomes to be achieved with our professional Thrill team.

Identify the following 10 key elements to ensure a FlashMobs success.

  1. Timing – essential is a date, start and finish time.
  2. Location – tell us where you would like your flashmob performed. We have accomplished a wide range of amazing flashmobbing activities Australia wide and love new challenges!
  3. Audience – nominate who you would like to experience your flash mob performance and if the targetted audience will engage.
  4. Music – typically 3-5 music tracks mashed with a duration of 3-6 minutes. Email info@THRILL dot com.au a copy of links to the music tracks to determine copyright and performance details.
  5. Participants; please advise People – age, background, skills of the flashmobbers and of the audience
  6. Dance Style / Genre
  7. Dance Moves
  8. Teaching / Instruction – Thrill provides quality dance teachers, excellent choregraphy and instructors that will bring out the best in your flash mob activity or team building performance.
  9. Performance – the moment of truth.
  10. THRILL delivers exceptional FlashMobs with confidence!


Thrill custom designs the choreography. Provide samples of music tracks / mash ups, we map out the location and timings for the various flashmob elements to ensure clever integration of surprise.


Fine tuning the Flash Mob concept and approvals from all relevant bodies.


Teaching the Flash Mob sequence, dance, moves, choreography and practicing all elements.
Now its time for Rehearsals. The fun begins !!!
Complete a walk through and an off site team rehearsal or three.


Thrill sets up the sound system, pumps up the volume and gets the performance area set up!

Flashmobbers enter the arena discretely.

Performing exciting FlashMobs in public, private events, parties for all occassions.

Thrill Dance Choregraphy Staff demonstrate Flash Mob
Thrill Dance Choreography Staff demonstrate awesome fun Flash Mob dance moves! Now its your turn!


Thrill has the relevant knowledge, experience, mobile equipment and professionalism to deliver and capture your Flash Mob or Team Event successfully.

All legal requirements, equipment and management of authorities including:

  • Australasian Performing Right Association APRA
  • Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society AMCOS
  • Phonographic Performance Company of Australia PPAC
  • Council / Venue Permit/s
  • Risk Management
  • Public Management
  • Liability
  • Insurances
  • Music
  • Track Selections
  • Mash Ups – professional re-mixing of dance and music tracks
  • Professional Sound Systems set up to integrate into the flash mob scene
  • Flash Mob Event Coordinators
  • Professional Choreographer with Flash Mob experience
  • Abilities to engage and teach large groups from 20-200+
  • Quality Dancers, Performers, Instructors and Teachers
  • EXTRAS can be included
    - Videography, Event Photography, Viral social media Marketing, You Tube, Twitter, Facebook…..


For a Flash Mob Performance conducted by THRILL suggested is 2-7 minutes.

For a Flash Mob where THRILL instructs, teaches and choreographs your teams we suggest a Minimum of 2 hours – rehearsals a break then the Flash Mob performance.

Corporate Teams can receive their dance choreography via Online Conferencing, Video Clips then practice their Flash Mob dance moves remotely.

Combining all elements only once they meet at a conference, AGM, off site or other group gathering.

Popular LOCATIONS sourced for FLASH MOBS in Sydney

Choose your flash mob location – public or private locations available.

Select the audience and effect – dramatic unexpected impact with the surprise element works best.

THRILL events organise suitable venues, indoor venue and outdoor spaces, public locations for your flash mob throughout all Australian Cities.

We have experience with special events flashmobs in Sydney CBD, Sydney Olympic Park, Martin Place, Chatswood, Darling Harbour, Manly Beach, The Rocks and Circular Quay.

Flashmobbing in Melbourne’s iconic thoroughfare locations select Bourke Street, Federation Square, Melbourne Convention Centre, St Kilda, Festivals and Lygon Street.

We locate suitable Flash Mob spaces to deliver unique Flash Mob messages!

Speak with our professional Thrill Flash Mobs Team
Ph: 02 9630 2222 to create a Spectacular now.

Email Thrill for the latest trailers and videos of Flash Mobs in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane Australia.

Then put your best foot forward team building on the front stage, dance floor to create a spectacular event!


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