Develop your teams potential. We test MBTI profiles and facilitate change for corporate groups and companies in Sydney. Improve your teams self awareness and encourage team interrelationships.

MBTI for Team Development Skills

Take our online or paper version questionnaire, identifying your personality preferences. It’s quick and easy to accomplish. Once the questionnaire is completed we review with you to explain the results. Giving feedback and highlighting areas and ways in which improvements can be made.

Myers Briggs involved in team Building

Over 70 years of development in the making the Myers Briggs Type Indicator one of the biggest and most reliable Personality Test Worldwide. We are passionate about facilitating MBTI and implementing learning experientially it’s wide variety of uses. Including identifying the best communication strategies and applying team building activities that allow practice to make improvements.

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Make a difference.  MBTI ® team building activities are engaging fun for corporate groups and businesses that will make a difference in how your team operates. We use fun activities to create relevant experiences for your team. But, what are the things with profiling tools that can go wrong? The first is the interpretation of the data. Secondly the environment and mind set when answering the questions. Hence we suggest utilising successful strategies and employing a professional who can support and help your business project teams get along.

Three tips for effective MBTI team building workshops

TIP Number 1
We’re prepared for individual and group resistance.

In recent workshops with senior leadership team of building development company and a senior leadership team of a client major International pharmaceutical company. Several individuals in each group disagreed with the notion that “type does not change”.

It required a gentle explanation of type development and some relevant examples to change their minds. By using team building activities and fun communication games, we were able to allow the participants to discover other peoples personalities for themselves.

TIP Number 2
Setting the stage and gaining due diligence prior to workshop

This tip is the result of facilitating MBTI workshops for Government departments. Communicating with teams for their input is where preparation can be done through detecting any major issues and identifying dysfunctional teams. No one wants to change, as change is challenging.  

The key is to adapt styles to make a difference on a team. Some basic house rules need to be agreed upon by the team for MBTI instruments to work effectively.

  • Everyone has natural ways of doing things. Those natural ways often differ among individuals.
  • Agreement from the group
  • Everyone has the innate urge to grow and develop.
  • You will be more effective if you communicate with someone in their style versus your own style

TIP Number 3
Creating motivation

We teach that change is a start. It is a great idea to keep in mind that type and skill are two vastly different issues, both addressed in different manners. We work with the two middle letters to communicate with your team as they are the core of personality. By speaking and appealing to the preferences, can help motivate change.

OK Google I need Improvements in Team Building Profiles Where to Now?

Michelle Chapman specialises in organisational team development and training. She is a terrific accredited MBTI team building facilitator based in Sydney. Designing team development workshops with fun real life experiences in her delivery. You can get help with team improvements in efficiency, business productivity, communication and support by contacting her on Phone 02 9630 2222.