award winning team building The PITCH by Thrill eventsThe Pitch team building activity and team development series by Thrill is all about your teams and leaders creating and delivering an award winning pitch!

Wonderful for stimulating discussion, developing brainstorming techniques and allowing people to develop professional presentation skills in a fun setting.

Staff, employees and managers are provided with themes, ideas and props to create, improvise and present a concept which can relate to;

  • a new vision
  • a business product
  • product launch
  • services
  • corporate socially responsible initiatives
  • innovation

Based on the idea of the Voice where the judges cannot see the presenters but must be convinced to turn their chairs to claim the pitch presenter. Then in turn mentor their ideas further for a 2nd round of pitching.

Shark Tank Meets The Voice in an Exceptional Pitch Battle for Exciting Business Team Events

Then with Thrill assistance the best Pitch’s are further developed and professionally projected to the wider group / audience for their rating, judging and applause. A step above the Shark Tank concept where entrepreneurs get to offer bids based on the value they perceive from the contestants pitch.

The program can be facilitated in any location and added to with multi-media presentations or conceptualisation by Thrill facilitators, MCee’s and guest judges. Special Voice style Chairs or simple swivel office chairs can enhance the themeing of an exciting interactive team building activities extravaganza.or pair it back to simple KISS principles where your idea will make a difference.

Contact Thrill team event coordinators with years of professional practice in pitching for contracts, tenders and contracts. Wowing the crowd with exceptional content matched with spectacular graphics, displays and interactive media.

Suitable For: Groups of 10-1,000 participants in every location from Sydney CBD offices to Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and Southern Highlands conference venues.

Call Konrad Lippmann team building concept creator and Gruen Transfer watcher on 02 9630 2222.