Thrill team events presents CREATIVE art experiences this Christmas celebration party time creating with painting masterpieces for large corporate group events of 15-500 staff at all hotels, conference centers, offices and resorts.

Experience end of year work Christmas parties of creativity in a thrilling fun art workshop. Select wonderful art activities from painting canvases as a team or individually. To sculpting sculptures from clay. No art experience is necessary. Bring enthusiasm and energy to explore. Take home your masterpieces for Christmas presents hand made by you. Creative packages include all materials, tutors and a celebration drink to get your creative juices flowing!

Supplying a range of facilitated art ideas to generate understanding and expressive creativity.enquiry button thrill team events

  • Art Rageous – fun artworks generated from Throwing Paints to represent frustration, stress release or chaos to detailed brush strokes that evoke meaning and patience.
  • Painting – all sizes of canvases from A4 to building walls.
  • Master Piece – Combining multiple Canvases painted by teams to present the larger picture.
  • The Big Picture – Mural Art works on canvas or any feature
  • Sculpting with clay
  • Stone Sculpting
  • Video Making and Editing