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Utilise your teamwork to benefit local communities and support the growth of endangered environments sustainably. Select from four environmental campaign programs that Thrill team events works with to make a difference.

  • Land Care projects in Sydney and across NSW
  • Coast Care projects along the beaches in Sydney, North to the Gold Coast and along the South Coast
  • River Care along The Parramatta, Georges and Hawkesbury Rivers all catchments in Sydney.
  • Plant a Tree is an ongoing activity that local councils, companies and communities unite to increase wildlife corrridors, wetlands and improve passive recreation areas.
  • Recycling Projects from the office to the train to work, play and back again. We think of great ideas that increase our ability to interact with environments sustainable.
  • Planet Ark styled projects that make a positive impact on the environment.

We have several great ways to give back to the environment. Most recently we are promoting corporate teams, local businesses and companies to invest their team training exercises into worthwhile community projects. The greatest effect would be to have Parramatta River swimmable. We need your business teamwork to make light work of troubled areas. From bush regeneration, clean up campaigns and removal of invasive weed species. Imagine your raft team building fun team regatta taking a little time out to accomplish beautifying our local waterways.

We provide engaging Sustainable teamwork projects for corporate events and off-site activities to learn from

Project Management tasks, real life learning and activity based training programs are terrific ways to develop the skills required for Managers to lead effectively. We implement environmental team days for businesses and their teams to learn new skills, further develop existing skills and improve collaborative team work on major local projects.

Thrill is able to offer the environmentally conscious business and corporate groups, an opportunity to have their training solution focused around real projects and current environmental issues in our local communities. Thrill has Teamed up with Land Care, Coast Care, Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife, Local Councils, Sydney City Council, Blue Mountains Council, Parramatta Council and The National Trust, to provide quality long term results in Team Building that sustains our environment.

Opportunity for businesses to invest in improving local environmental issues

With your teamwork and support, together we can make significant improvement. Focus on the processes involved in planning, working collaboratively as a project team. Delegating responsibility, managing time, resources and communicating effectively.  There will be a great deal of fun new learning opportunities to review the activities. Relating the learning into the workplace. Please contact us to discuss your aims and how your business can make a positive impact on the environment.

  • LOCATION Outdoors on the Sydnye to Surfers Coast. At Nurseries, National Parks and Council areas.
  • Other Locations All degraded land that needs a helping hand.
  • DURATION: 2 to 6 hours as required to match your teams availability
  • GROUPS 10 to 500 staff.