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Much like the TV show ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’. Thrill’s team building experience line up is more than a game show with a host. It is very real. Bringing people into confronting environments where the corporate wardrobe, luxuries and revealing who we are beneath the exterior.

Survive a Series of Challenges the Celebrities are not prepared to Complete 

Chief of THRILL corporate entertainment Konrad Lippmann provided a media release. He was quoted “corporate groups love using their imagination and role playing to learn. We decided to utilise this aspect to create a new program that would reinvigorate team building. Steering away from conventional and boring team building activities”.

Is a sensational new series of team building activities developed by Thrill. Specialists in corporate team development.

Your team is taken to unique destinations within 1-2 hours of major cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The locations, scenery and jungle like environments are often breath taking and diverse. Each location provides the impetus for designing suitable challenges that will test a teams resolve, intelligence and determination. Whilst ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our corporate guests we make it clear that the comfort zone will be stretched.

Our focus is on;

  • Improving camaraderie.
  • breaking through barriers.
  • opening channels of communication.

Teamwork, Fear Factor and Physical Challenges are provided to accomplish. Teams compete or collaborate as they seek ways to escape. Each uniquely designed to test the skills of individuals and the team.

Play I’m a Celebrity Team Player Get Me Out Of Here in Offices or Outdoors

It is ideal to Strip away the Coffee, chocolate, the luxuries and pretensions – its time to get real!

Team Challenges

Guts and Glory Team Challenge

Contestants or shall we call them celebrities will be required to develop new Systems, Duties and keep their organisation in tip top shape. The teams compete and will have to communicate in order to find out the skills and talents of the individuals.

It’s a combination event of Survivor, Big Brother and the Biggest Loser into 1 amazing corporate challenge.

“We believe the real person will be revealed and allow communication channels to be opened”.

Programs can be designed for your business and corporate groups starting form 2hrs to Multi Day programs. Imagine having your next conference as a challenge that can be accomplished together.

Heighten the experience by adding a monetary Focus goal for selected charities.

Very real Africa

A bit more wild

A bit more dangerous

Bring your own identity

How will your team cope when faced with their worst fears and spine tingling challenges?