Contact THRILL for exceptional Reality TV styled group events in Sydney, Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Melbourne. Play for hand crafted Survivor immunity idols, Amazing Race Trophies, Locked in Treasure Chest Holy Grails and Master Chef Plates.

Facilitated by trained professionals. Strengthening teams relationships and bonds. Ideal for corporate group experiences and Christmas celebrations for business teams.

Reality TV styled Corporate Events in Sydney for Team Buildimng successThemed along the style of CBS SURVIVOR TV series. With excellent team challenge activities. There is no eliminations or voting off.

Re-Creating Reality TV Events for your Teams to Enjoy Participation

Reward corporate teams with fun outdoor events and Survivor activities, Australia wide. Creating strategic team learning experiences. Utilising carefully designed and delivered team building strategies. We develop your employees leadership skills in a series of facilitated activities. Succeeding in accomplishing professional immunity building games and events on the beach this Christmas that are great fun


  • Develop team bonds
  • Communicate effectively
  • Problem solve collaboratively
  • Experience positive team interactions
  • Compete for hand crafted immunity idols
  • Outdoor activity in bushland or City based
  • Corporate groups team training exercises


Team Building Games in Sydney to Melbourne  are customised for all corporate groups at all conference venues. Thrill team events professionally handles from 15 up to 1,000 participants. Ideal to motivate and challenge teams to be resourceful, think on their feet, problem solve and establish team bonds.

We specialises in large group events and activities Australia wide. Suitable for all abilities with a ‘Challenge-by-Choice’ philosophy. Regardless of ability, fitness or strength. We unify teams to accomplish their goals. Teams known as Tribes compete in immunity challenges and activities together. Perfect for siloed teams and sales force to develop their teamwork. Presented are 4-5 Challenges in 1/2 day events or 6-10 Activities on Full day events.

10 Tips to Successful Events

  1. Sequenced activities
  2. Retrieve Tree Mail
  3. Tribal Chants, fill your lungs up with air, be the loudest if you dare
  4.  Navigation and Orienteering using map and compass. Determining a strategic direction.
  5.  Search and Rescue. Retrieve equipment and water for Survival
  6.  Puzzle Lateral thinking and Problem Solving exercises
  7.  Obstacle Courses
  8.  Sling Shot Shooting Teams set and achieve their targets
  9.  Raft Building to get into the water or Chariot Building to stay dry
  10. Tribal Council Finale with team building quote

From interactive incentive rewards to serious team building exercises. We design replica challenges with hosts supplied. The events are tailored to each business, corporate groups values.

Ideal with morning or afternoon tea and BBQ lunch catering options. From half day 2-3hrs to Multi-Day Packages with a selection of accommodation styles available. Evening themed night events organised. Terrific for End Of Financial Year and Christmas Celebration team events.


Survivor team building events are rewarding experiences in Sydney in Centennial, Bicentennial or Sydney Olympic Park. At Pyrmont, Ultimo and on Sydney or Central Coast Beaches.

Blended survival with wine in style in the Hunter Valley. Outstanding events at Cypress Lakes, Peppers Convent, Sebel Kirkton Park. Or direct at Hunter Valley Crowne Plaza, Hunter Valley Resort, Tuscany Resort and Potters Brewhouse.

Unique to the Southern Highlands Bowral, Cragieburn and Gibralatar Hotels, along with Milton Park and Peppers Manor House. Victoria on the Great Ocean Road, Melbourne.

Available all conference venues and centres, Resorts, Peppers, Crowne Plazas, Mercure, Novotels. From the Blue Mountains Fairmont Resort to Lilianfels, Echoes, Bushland, National Parks. Out on Sydney Harbour to Cockatoo Island and Shark Island.

TESTIMONIALSsurvivor events UTS Sydney for corporate team development

MEP Instruments Corporate Castaways

MEP management wanted a team building event. Survivor is what they had chosen and the Thrill event team was fantastic! The staff did a great job in organising the event, everything  ran smoothly. “Everyone had a great time, laughed, ate and drank and the program was a lot of fun. The photos are also great, thanks for those amazing shots”.


Rated THRILL Survivor 100%!

Absolutely amazing is all I can say.
The best teamwork development day I have ever experienced.
The facilitation was excellent and the execution of the highest professional standard.
I believe this will mark the future success of Biotronik Australia”.

INTERCALL Survival Team Games

“Intercall’s Survivor program was a fantastic success; all participants experienced significant growth.
Team cohesiveness improved on all counts, a challenging yet great fun time was had by all”. Intercall HR Team.

DIVA Survivor

DIVA completed the Manly Beach Survivor team building program together designed to strengthen their national team.
“The girls had a great time, lots of fun and a great willingness to complete all challenges that were set before them! A terrific accomplishment” Survivor Jeff Probst fill in Host, Konrad Lippmann.


We headed south for events in the Southern Highlands. A stunning day in Bundanoon where Watershed teams united to accomplish all we could muster. Beneficial teamwork program that unites teams. Providing fun physical corporate employee mental health well being activities. Corporate challenges outdoors that everyone in your team can accomplish. Have fun participating in survival style team building and learn from the experience. Recently our client NAB raised funds for Camp Quality with a Survival fun program off site in Centennial Park.

Komodo Islands Survivor events Indonesia


Our most unique corporate survival Survivor team building event to date was conducted off the unspoilt Indonesian Komodo Islands with real Komodo Dragons lazing in the shade nearby.

Building and Sailing Rafts to remote Islands. Diving with Manta Rays, camping beneath the stars, improvised shelters, sling shot shooting, spear fishing – Bear Grylls style.

After several rigorous days a surprise was in the waiting. Our contestants were picked up in a speed boat launch and whisked off to stunning islands and pampered. This unique corporate adventure was topped off with luxurious accommodation and the best wood fired Pizza in Indonesia.

Not every company may be able to challenge and reward their employees this extensively. Therefore Thrill has designed exceptional half day activities packages. That achieves results close to the office and in conference centers. Incorporate a strategic team building focus, excellent content and timing. Ultimate survivor scenarios are created and replicated for all our clients. Discuss your next corporate event with Thrill staff as soon as you can.

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In excess of 800 organisations and corporations have benefited from our Survivor Events in Australia.

MEP, RGA, Subaru, DIVA, Google, Inchcape, Biotronik, PwC, Maxxium, Land Water Australia, Jones Lang LaSalle, HP, Nestle, Intercall, Nokia, CBA, Xpedite, Citigroup, AGFA, Fosters, ING, Network Appliance, ANZ, CA, AMEX, Macquarie Bank, FMK & Arnott’s, Watershed.