Integrating Team Building Technology into Team Building Development is a Thrilling way to test the skills and trial new Smartphones, Tablets, video cameras, GPS systems and apps by corporates, employees and staff.

We have people tested a few team building technologies. Trialing a user profile with some excellent feedback on performance, usability and the ultimate fun / nerd, techno freak factor that makes them so rewarding and exciting to use.

To achieve the goals of team development we focus on Communication, Interaction, Understanding, Cooperation and Collaboration. Along with Task cohesion, Support and Achievement. Teching a combination of these fundamentals to teams is essential. Our clients play with the devices, software and systems to achieve success. Such as in a GEO GPS Hunt, Spy Systems, Tag Games, Technology Treasure Hunts, Missions, Scavenger Hunts, Dares where teamwork saves the day.

Thrill provides Interactive treasure and scavenger hunts using tablets and smart phones. Tailor made for education, leadership, staff development and employee training.


From Fitbits to Strava to Garmin and a multitude of GPS devices that are tuned to your inner core. Reminders can be programed to accomplish certain team tasks and rewards provided the immediate moment the goal is achieved.

Televise and share events, from watching the Melbourne Cup all together to world breaking news and sharing ideas, views, thoughts or commentary. Bring the team together with +ve experiences. Reinforce values, procedures, safety and instill care for others through mindfulness.


Suggested is non-violent online games ideal for teambuilding such as
Bike Mania 4 Micro Office obstacle course games that stem from the Bike Mania games compendium.
Rescue Team and the sequel, Rescue Team 2. Provides business teams time-management skills. Rescuing virtual people and rebuild virtual locations struck by natural disasters from earthquakes to tsanamis. kongregate team building technology gamesarmor-team-building-online-games
Websites such as Kongregate and Armor Games offer numerous free online games that can be played by teams.

SKYPE FACEBOOK LIVE connecting your staff no matter where in the world

Can be utilised to connect employees across multiple cities and environments whilst engaging in team building and asking for observations and suggestions making the process more inclusionary.

ONLINE AUCTIONS Raising Funds for Charities through CSR

Can be an effective way of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR team building. Selling unused items on eBay, eBid, Bonanza, AuctionWorx, Bidding Owl. Which are great for auctions on mobile devices as well as actions for charity and non-profit organisations include Auctria and Bidding for Good. Then donate the funds raised to the teams selected charity whilst simultaneously creating a tax benefit to the company.


Team Building Technologies can increase work output and business effectiveness

Thrill team events are specialists in team development. Facilitating a range of intelligent and fun team building activities that build team connection, motivation, trust and understand different people within a team.

For more exciting information about how Team Building Technologies can help your business contact THRILL today.

Some team development technologies are too cumbersome, poorly designed, not user friendly, have a poor interface are difficult and time consuming. In short do not work particularly well. We are happy to share those reviews when you enquire for your next Thrill team technology event.