4 New Mission  Possible Team Building Initiatives

Thrill Mission Impossible Team Building activities SydneyDesigned to strategically align teams. Select one of 4 Mission impossible Team Building Scenarios.

Mission Impossible is an exceptional corporate team building challenge event. Designed for teams working collaboratively toward resolving one greater mission aim. Whilst achieving a Strategic Business Alignment.

The themes we include are Anti-dotal, Espionage, Terrorism, tactical response and recovery of vital information. Environmental Missions and lost agent identification. Our programs utilise professional team development processes. Training teams for moving into new Projects, Planning and Off-Sites, requiring intelligent strategies to succeed.

New team building ideas include 50 years of James Bond 007 licenced to thrill events. With activities designed specifically for your corporate group.


Suitable from 10 managers to 500 staff or employees to work toward a common goal. Custom designed, to ensure your corporate teams receive fresh, innovative missions they can succeed. Scenarios are ideal for small business teams to to large business groups & corporations. Created to strategically align teams working toward one common goal, success!

OUTCOMES Achievable

  • Cooperationfree team building quote
  • Communication
  • Task Cohesion
  • Collaboration
  • Problem Solving
  • Project Planning
  • Negotiation skills
  • The sum of the parts is greater than the whole
  • Responsibility
  • Accountability
  • Saving the day/month/year


Requires 2.5 hours minimum. The MISSION countdown timer puts on the pressure to achieve great results in a designated time. 3-4 hours is ideal for team building leadership and team development outcomes. Each Mission is programmed to meet your requirements, timings, locations and team profile.


Available at all Conference Venues, Offices Outdoor team building locations or modified to suit Indoor team building spaces and Conference environments.

  • Sydney Team Building
  • Blue Mountains
  • Melbourne
  • Southern Highlands
  • Hunter Valley

We access all team building and conference venues in Sydney CBD. The Hunter Valley’s Crowne Plaza and Cypress lakes Resorts. On the Central Coast at Magenta Shores, The Entrance and Terrigal Crowne Plaza. Our prgrams are also available throughout NSW, Queensland and Victoria. Catering to all conference group requirements.

IAG MISSION POSSIBLE team alignment at Sydney Olympic Park REFERENCE

IAG Investigated an intelligence leak. Staff were removed by Thrill Special Forces. Identifying an espionage clue trail, revealing the evidence. Whilst encouraging teams to problem solve together. Making significant strategic decisions in a limited time. The result, a fantastic success. No one was blown up!  IAG


Your organisation has just received a MISSION team building activities briefing. The key is cooperation, problem solving, communication. Putting trust 1st, supported by effective teamwork meeting the set deadlines. Sub team utilise resources and skills effectively in order to retrieve an antidote in the hands of a secret agent. The antidote is essential. Before the killer virus wipes your companies data, people. Destroys water supplies, damages environments or virally attacks network systems.

Thrill trained professional agents enter your domain with security access clearance. Completing a sweep of environments ensuring security. Filing alerts of espionage agent activity. Clues deciphered, suspect agents interrogated and locations confirmed. Infiltration plans have to be made and activities carried out before a rapidly approaching deadline.

Together sub teams must determine the alignment strategy for success. Trained facilitators are on hand to support team building processes. Teams receive SMS text messages. Updated at 20 minute intervals providing further instructions and Virus detection intelligence. Each sub team searches environments for coded letters and numbers. To identify the anti-dote location. Break the access codes and meet with espionage agents for further information intelligence gathering.

Once all clues and information have been collected. Teams reconvene at designated safe house site. Undergoing a final team initiative activity related to your service or product test. Upon successful completion of the 3 team activity stages. Teams are awarded a final Serial number to decipher the safe code. Teams enter their code, to reveal and then consume the anti-dote in order to survive and succeed.

Select your Team Building Activities Mission Impossible Scenario

A/ ANTIDOTES: Recover stolen virus antidotes strategically secured.
B/ ENVIRONMENTAL: – stop contamination of water supply or marine life. Managing Nuclear Hazardous waste situations.
C/ ESPIONAGE: – Locate and Intercept fugitive espionage agent, negotiate with spammer or virus agent to trade hard drives.
D/ MILITARY – Bomb disarming, challenge courses, intuitive and scenarios.

The 9 Steps to a Missions Team Building Success

Step 1: Receive & Define Mission. The who, what, where, when & why. Assess Known Facts, Environments, Resources, Skills & Time frame.
Step 2: Issue warning Order. Begin preparation, Inform others.
Step 3: Tentative Plan. Mission, Situation, Course of Action Analysis and share current Decisions.
Step 4: Start Necessary Movements, Preparation, Resource Collection.
Step 5: Reconnaissance, Verify analysis, utilise scouts.
Step 6: Complete Plan. Review mission check against framework.
Step 7: Issue Complete Order. FRAGO Aid others to understand mission concepts.
Step 8: Complete mission.
Step 9: Review, Re-evaluate, Celebrate!

We listen, discuss and identify ideas to meet your activity requirements. Then design a customised quote for your inspection and approval. Trained staff ensure content and activities are delivered on time and professionally. We contract our team building services to your organisation. Providing the confidence in building a team strategy delivered successfully. Develop specific team building concepts to build exceptional teams. Call Thrill on T: 02 9630 2222 to develop your unique mission is possible for a terrific event Australia wide.