10 Team Building Categories Overview

Here are several categories for team building activities and team work staff training services in Australia that Thrill team events facilitates and cooridnates.

  1. Outdoor Adventures: Exploring a mountain or hiking trail.
  2. Sports and Games: Featuring sports, mini olympics, with great equipment. Including Beach Volleyball, soccer ball or basketball.
  3. Escape Rooms: Indoor and Outdoor escapes with a puzzle or a locked door.
  4. Cooking Classes: Where Thrill comes to your venues and supplies all cooking utensils and even a chef’s hat.
  5. Team Challenges: Groups of people working together to overcome challenges and obstacles.
  6. Workshops and Seminars: Ideal for meeting energisers, activating groups of people sitting in a classroom setting or around a table.
  7. Adventure Races: + Obstacle races or Amazing Races beyond the race track and achieving the finish line.
  8. Art and Creativity: Paint your expression, with paintbrushes or a canvas.
  9. Cultural Experiences: Incorporate cultural symbols or landmarks.
  10. Virtual Team Building: Screen time on computer or with a virtual reality headset.

Thrill aims to present a range of different types of team building activities and services in Australia across all conference venues, hotels, meeting rooms and through or online platforms.