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Team Building Activities and Team Events to Engage and Reward Staff ideal for Christmas Celebrations , Connection, Conferences, Training, Education, Entertainment for all Groups and Corporates

Thrill team events creates and hosts exciting 2022 Covid safe Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast QLD activities. Select Sydney Team Building Activities for staff Connection Activities for business groups in NSW with 10-1,000 employees in Sydney, the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Byron Bay, Kingscliff, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Southern Highlands and Blue Mountains.

Thrill is delighted to refresh staff training for all business teams Covid safely. Facilitating a range of training and team development programs. Experts in creating Fun team bonding activities, keeping teams connected, morale boost and staff motivation. We unite staff with appropriate employee and team interaction, that focuses on collaboration. We believe that positive staff inter-action and communication is paramount to business recovery.

CEO Konrad Lippmann and facilitation staff facilitate a series of Thrill team activities for staff and employee connection ‘PEOPLE – PLACE – PURPOSE’.

“Covid-Safe Systems are in place with all our venue partners. Conference and hosting services to help your Human Resources team plan exciting, engaging businesses staff Connection activities at your offices, through our partner venues or open spaces in the great Australian outdoors”.

EA, PA’s, Managers and Event planners choose from 100’s of Covid Safe venues. Including hotels, pubs, restaurants, cafes, gyms and sporting venues. As we work in with numerous councils throughout NSW and QLD. Accessing significant open spaces, facilitating high quality team-building and team management systems TMS, DISC or MBTI.

Enjoy an exceptional range of interactive motivational, as well as inspiring, local activities online, or in person face to face. For professional development, employee engagement and positive staff employee interaction, hosted by professional facilitators.

Popular team Building Ideas and Patterns in 2022 is Thrill’s Facilitated Understanding Self in Teams. Utilising Thrill MBTI Personality Profile staff training tools for all companies, teams, staff and employees. Boosts morale whilst engaging employees to connect face to face or via hybrid online learning modules.

Receive a free Online Team Building assessment directly including your colleagues Australia and world-wide. Be inspired whilst staying connected from Home or at the office. Logging onto Video Conferences via Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or Zoom tools. Accomplishing positive staff communication and employee collaboration whilst Thrill creates and delivers interactive team development activities.

2022 The Year for Team Re-Development Activities that Connect Staff improving Face to Face Communication, Cohesion, Collaboration with Thrill training that achieves Effective Results
1. Get To Know Your Staff Activities and games carefully selected activities that reunite staff to create genuine relationships.

2. MBTI Personality Profiling Tools to help Communication, leadership and Conflict Resolution activities. With active listening modules and facilitator online guided staff training.
3. Survivor 2022 United and integrated immunity challenges to connect teams with excellent activities.
4. Helping Charities and communities with Toys 4 Kids or Furniture 4 Families. Staff Connection with Building IKEA Furniture For Families, assembled, delivered and installed to those in our communities needing a helping hand.
5. On line team building to link staff remotely and at meetings or conferences.
6. Wildlife rehabilitation, with a focus on increasing Koala Habitats and Eucalypt forests and Building nesting Boxes. Installed in suburban backyards improving diversity and Urban Wildlife Corridors.
7. Covid Recovery fun n fitness and wellness healthy beings activities with professional trained Human Movement health experts guiding your staff to switch onto a new normal.
8. Mindfulness, Self-care, Meditation and yoga tai-chi, balancing and reuniting team energies and exercises.

9. Exploring our fresh air meeting environments covid-safely. Get your team to meet outdoors through Treasure Hunts or Scavenger Hunts. A superb fun and engaging, discovery of the mystery and intrigue. Problem solving to find real hidden treasures.

10. Amazing Races by Thrill where the content, locations and activities are custom built to your journey and maximum enjoyment for teams.

The Thrill team are professional conference organisers, event managers and event planners with a wealth of experience to share with your staff. We pride ourselves as think tank of leaders balanced as Team development facilitators. Delivering inspirational events, staff training and new team building ideas for corporate leadership and staff experiences. Creating valuable staff interactions for your employees to communicate more effectively, connect with each other whilst engaging and learning together.

Perfect collaboration tools for Executive Assistants and PA’s to plan their conference, off- sites, AGM’s, end of financial year EOFY celebrations. Special incentive events, work functions to increase teamwork performance and making Covid Safe Christmas function celebrations for brilliant energised fun.

Engage your team with an inspiring range of over 10 Philanthropic Covid Safe Team Building programs. Creating Unique Themed Events that invigorate the hearts and minds of businesses or corporate groups, CEO’s, managers, staff and uniting employees.

Enable your people to more effectively communicate and collaborate together. Increase their Engagement, Motivation, Personal Growth, Reward, Education, Personal and Team Development or Training. Engage Thrill to organise and plan your events or next staff adventure. Collaborating with you to ensure that the event planning ideas become success stories.

Proud Accomplishments;
Over 2,800 Bikes Built For Children’s Charities. 2,750+ real Amazing Races. 1,520+ Australian Survivor event activities. 2,000+ Treasure Hunts, 300+ Mission Possible Quests. 2,000+ team and adult games. We conduct exceptional company inter-activations; Corprorate Carnivals, Murder Mysteries, celebratory Flash Mobs and helping wildlife recovery after the flooding then bushfires as well as re-establishing Koala and native habitats.

We thrive with Fun or serious Hosted Games nights, Raft Building, Wine Tasting, Highland Flings, Italian Jobs and imcredible flash mobs to make an impact. Thrill also focus on professional staff training exercises. Integrating quality Personality profiling tools of Myers Briggs MBTI and TMS Team Management Systems for quality covid safe staff training or leadership development programs.

50+ Staff team event activities for all groups of 10 to 500 of employees on The Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney Facilitated and Hosted Australia Wide.

Excellent consistent quality, with 27 years experience of delivering Thrilling events. Engaging staff with over 265,000+ participants with over 6,650+ professional team building events conducted.

Facilitating and hosting remarkable inter active conferences, meetings, corporate training exercises or leadership development for all management and business sectors. Including MBTI team development and personality profiling staff training workshops. Improving leadership management across Australia in the Services, Hospitality, Financial, Pharmaceutical, Industrial, Construction, Software, Technological, Vehicle and Sales team industries.

Thrill team love facilitating quality team building activities, everywhere! Breaking down silos and improving collaboration and inter-staff communication. Providing exceptional motivational and rewarding staff activities. Find out what makes people respond positively to change. We work with you to create a custom built dynamic fun team event solution for any staff conflict resolution. Achieve the benefits of a healthy work place. Embrace a positive work-life balance with mindfulness and personal wellness that makes a difference to Australians.

It is time to THRILL your team! Receive a Free offer whilst reuniting, staying connected and rewarding your most valuable asset; Your staff, Your people, Your Business.

Quote thrill team building activities and events
amazing races thrill events

FUN Races – Customised Content -Tailored Experiences

charity events thrill events

Building for Charities. Toys, Water, Furniture. CSR results.

thrill events client study

CLIENTS say! Outcomes focused results achieved.

Great selection of fun team activities for your group event!

Human Knots experiential team building activity

MBTI, TMS Facilitated Team Development / Profiling

cooking events thrill events

COOKING Master Chef / My Kitchen Rules!

inspirational staff events

INSPIRING Events to engage staff 100%!


Christmas Events 2021 – Start planning!


Flashmob Performances | Dance Workshopping


ENTERTAINMENT Interactive or Info-Trainment

THRILL Team Building Client Groups include; Training, Sales, Retail, Financial Services, Sales, Training, Automotive, Engineering, Human Resources, Energy, Technology, Pharmaceutical Companies and more...


Conferences and Team Development programs are delivered in Sydney, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Kingscliff, Gold Coast, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands with Australia wide services. Guaranteeing realistic, rewarding training results that bring smiles to your people.

Events Experience from Sydney and all along the East Coast of Australia.

  • Facilitated over 185,000+ participants through a excellent range of team building activities and events.
  • Delivering more than 6,000+ rewarding corporate events.
  • Engaging intelligent programs with exceptional results.
  • Working with small businesses from 10 managers to corporate groups with 100’s of employees and staff.
  • Facilitating the top 500 Australian corporations, engaging their employees to succeed effectively.
  • We understand and consistently deliver new and refined team events that engage and motivate all groups.
  • THRILL team has researched 1,000’s of hours of reality TV and You Tube Videos of team building activities.
  • Bringing your business the latest selection of unique with new conference delegate team activities available.
  • Custom Built, Creating, Designing and Delivering Thrill events – professionally designed, developed and delivered.

Thrill Team Employees are Event Planners, Managers, Facilitators, Coordinators and Experiential Educators.

Konrad Lippmann of THRILL events team Australia

Konrad Lippmann

Event & Experiences Host / Key Team Building Facilitator

Konrad Lippmann – CEO at Thrill. Qualified Event Planner, Facilitator, Professional Host, skilled event MC, Corporate Trainer. Professional Conference Organiser PCO. Accredited Team Management Systems – TMS. Facilitating staff training throughout Australia. From Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and The Gold Coast. “No task is too daunting when the goal is approached one word, one idea, one breath at a time together”.


Michelle Chapman

Corporate Event Designer & Key Team Building Facilitator / MBTI Practitioner

Michelle Chapman is THRILL’s lead team development facilitators accredited in HR and MBTI personality profiling. Her wealth of experience as an experiential educator ensures your team welcomes and adapts to change. Over 12 years extensive experience in leading challenging teams to be more effective, efficient, resulting in high performance within both Corporate businesses and Commonwealth Government Departments. “Work SMARTER using Emotional Intelligence EI to improve teamwork and connectivity”.

Thrill team Bridge Climb make Sydney activities exciting


Thrill Team Building Events Amazing Activities Staff

Hi, we are the THRILL team events staff. From Event Planners, Conference Coordinators, Facilitators and Instructors to Performers we coordinate a host of training and activities. Encouraging ‘learning through play’. Sharing insight into peoples drives and personalities. Your staff and employees can expect Thrill’s staff to be organised, coordinated and skilled problem solvers thinking on their feet. Both creative passionate and character filled. Delivering the 50 best team building activities and conference events services consistently for your business delegates to enjoy!

MBTI Personality and Team Profiling

Improve Staff Inter-Personal Relationships with Understanding and Communication

Thrill hosted LinkedIn’s Master Chef Cook Off with 2017 Masterchef 2nd Runner Up Karli Verkerk, cooking a wonderful Thai Green Curry.
Karlie described the event as fantastic fun, with brilliant participation and outstanding, planned coordination. Will your team accept the challenge of cooking for Karlie?

Thrill loves Team Cooking events for businesses, team building and having guest celebrities inspire your group. Cook all varieties of healthy foods and cuisines from meat lovers to vegetarians, Mystery Boxes and our favourite master chef style Innovation Tests.

Thrill Team Building Australia m 0459 111 129

Karlie Verkerk celebrity chef hots with Thrill events cooking up a corpoarte storm surprise innovation mystery box cook challenge test to win
amazing races thrill events

The best Amazing Race events. In Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Southern Highlands, Hunter Valley. Select anywhere throughout Australia or NZ. Make your next team event or corporate challenge really amazing. Your conference delegates, staff to be impressed and leave inspired.

survivor team building activities with Outwit outlast and outplaying by Thrill events

Thrill Survivor is all about great outdoor activities! Sling shot shooting, clay pot smashing, navigation, raft building, puzzle problems solving to winning immunity challenges. Outwitting, Out Playing, Outdoor fun Collaboration or Competitions. Survivor Games can be played everywhere on Beaches, in Parks, Sports areas or in The Australian Bush from Sydney to Hunter Valley, The Blue Mountains,The Sunshine and Gold Coast.

charity events thrill events

Make a difference post Bushfires. We love to Help! Koala habitats. Plant Trees. Teams Building Bikes, Trikes, Toys-4-Kids or Furniture for Families. Facilitating Environmental and Water Projects. Building hands, give homeless and less fortunate a Helping Hand. Invest in employees by dedicating or donating your teamwork and staff training to worthy charitable causes.


“On behalf of Variety the Children’s Charity. I just wanted to say thank you to the Thrill team for putting together such a wonderful bike building event!The kids had an absolute ball & were truly so excited to go home with their new bikes (I’m not sure who had bigger smiles on their faces – the kids, their parents, carers or teachers!) Thank you again for a well-run event, full of energy & professionalism. We can’t wait to work with you again in the future!”

Kerry – Variety, The Children’s Charity

“Exceeded our expectations – we weren’t sure what we were in for, and everyone had a good laugh which is what we were hoping for, but everyone got so involved so that exceeded our expectations.”

Sarah Keetman – CBA

“The event was fantastic. Thrill Events were more than accommodating with our ‘special’ requests. Staff who would normally communicate over telephone or email due to working in different countries through Asia Pacific, were able to share a fun and rewarding evening together, working together as a team and getting to know more about each other on a personal level.”

Brooke Down – Lexmark