Survivor events for Christmas work party celebrations, functions, games, team building activities, challenges.

Get your staff outdoors playing SURVIVOR events to outwit, outplay and outlast your colleagues before voting at Tribal Council! survivor team building activities flag making challenge and preparing for tribal council on the beach

Thrill has the ultimate Survivor Team Building Experiences. 15years experience in running survivor challenges. Ideal for corporate groups of 15 – 100’s of staff.

Mobile set up, available in all locations from Conference Venues to Outback and on Islands. Engage and strengthen employees bonds with 2-4 hour custom built Survivor Challenges and Games.

Survivor Events for Groups Provide the best Team Bonding and Christmas Experiences that will have Staff Rewarded for Accomplishing Challenges

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Arrive at tribal zones with tribe banners flying. Retrieve Tree Mail providing the ignition of your Survivor event.

Teams then enjoy a raft of Survivor activities and immunity challenges that will have your team accomplishing goals and becoming a strengthened tribe. Creating alliances. Improving communication, testing and improving problem solving skills.

After each survival challenge. The most successful team members are rewarded Jury Bones. Allowing their right of passage to the tribal council. There is no elimination to worry about – just becoming the ultimate survivor tribe. Implementing Wits, Talent and Strategies to succeed.

Strengthening Teams into a Survivor Tribe… Has your team got what it takes to be the Ultimate Survivor?

Participation and inclusion is focused upon with activities such as search and retrieve. Orienteering, to define strategic direction and firing real sling shots to businesses and corporate groups on target.

All excellent equipment and large group puzzles are provided to enhance group dynamics. For those who are adventurous, raft building to cross a body of water. Or vote to stay dry, by making chariots.

Survivor Team Challenges available in Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Gold Coast, Everywhere

Team building Survivor corporate challenges in Sydney conference Retreats

A tribal merge shakes up the day before the jury bone tribal elders cast their votes and have the final say.

There is no need to know anything about survivor reality TV. Just enjoyment of a great fun program accomplishing well designed and professionally delivered team activities. Suitable for all abilities.

Our engaging team building events are suitable for corporate groups and can be altered to include Survival Scenarios.

Bear Grylls Adventures, which are professionally hosted in all cities, conference centers, hotels, resorts, parks or a recreation reserve near you. Available from Sydney to the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise, Cairns to the Hunter Valley, Central Coast and The Blue Mountains.

If you have a remote location in mind or looking to create that special incentive event for a large group. We will custom design the selection of survival activities to inspire and reward your delegates.

Thrilling Corporate Events with Team Building Experience in the Outdoors

Is your business team is ready to tackle fun Survivor Team Challenges outdoor activities suited to all abilities.

Located at conference venues, in the Park on a Beach or at a Hotel Resort. Thrill has the power to deliver exceptional team development solutions with immediate motivational results.

Successful clients like Apple, CBA, Performics, PwC and Google. Providing a terrific range of Corporate Survivor Games performing at their best.

Immunity Activities and Corporate Survivor Team Challenges include:

  • Retrieving Tree Mail
  • Sling Shot Shooting at Targets (can be raised to Archery, Spear Throwing or Clay Shooting)
  • Navigation – finding and following directions to cache supplies or food
  • Completing and succeeding in Teamwork Puzzles
  • Search and Retrieve essential tools and foods
  • Obstacle Course with or without Blindfolds or being Handcuffed to other staff
  • Raft or Chariot Building – crossing a water way or over dry land with selected tribe team members aboard
  • Tribal Council finale to determine the fate or vote for the Ultimate Survivor that has outwitted and outpsurvivor corporate team building activity by Thrill in Sydneylayed all others.

Extra Survivor Games to engage Corporate Groups Improving Communication, Cooperation and Collaboration

EXTRA Outdoor Challenge Activities can be included:

  • Fire Lighting, Quad Biking, Mountain Biking, Spear Throwing.
  • Shooting activities like Archery, Clay Target, Pigeon and Laser Tag or Clay Pot Smashing and Sling Shots on Target.
  • Dart Blowing as a special skill development.
  • To access remote outdoor team building and unique corporate event sites we can provide; Helicopter access, Hummers, Army Jeeps with Hire and Transfers.
  • Setting up realistic Immunity Challenges for Corporate and Business Leadership Development is our speciality.
  • Horse Riding, Quad Biking
  • Aeroplane Wreck or Helicopter Rescue Scenarios
  • Beach Survivor Games
  • Bear Grylls style events

Ask us to design your Survivor Replica themed and Propped activities from 2hrs to full and multi day events. Available on The Gold Coast, in Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains and Australia wide.

Thrill events is mobile and we visit direct to your Offices, Warehouses, Conference Centers, Hotels, Beaches and Parks everywhere. Creating spectacular outdoor corporate events.

We avoid lame and boring team building activities. Included are real challenges designed to extend the boundaries and perceptions of your people and teamwork that accomplishes.

We facilitate your business delegates, employees and staff into thinking outside the square. Problem solving under pressure. Practicing coping as a team with real life challenges. Accomplishing success and competing in a fun friendly manner. Completing meaningful corporate challenges, that strengthen people and reward teams.

Thinking of alternative adventures and outdoor team building ideas?

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