Archery tag games to play in Sydney, Safer than paintball, able to played in all locations.

What does –

  • Hunting
  • Hunger Games
  • Olympics
  • Robin Hood
  • Medieval Revivals

Have in common? It’s the bow and arrow!


Archery Tag Team Building Games with a competitive force

Archery is a noble sport and now mixed with paintball safety protection systems can be played in the corporate back yard! At reserves, sports fields and indoor sports centers. building activities enquiry link


What is Archery Team Building Tag Games

Archery Team Building Target Games is an evolving team sport. Is played similarly to paintball or dodgeball. Using safe bows and foam tipped arrows. It is an exciting, fun action + skills strategic game. Easy to learn! Providing a team bonding experience that can engage everyone.


Play Archery Team Tag Sports at any Venue

2 teams of 5 players each playing opposite each other with a safe area separating the two opposing battle teams. 

Teams aim to hit a  5 Spot Knockout Target in the center of the archery play area.

Two objectives
1) to tag the opponents

2) knock out five discs of the opposing team’s target.

Players are eliminated by tagging them with a fired arrow.

Or by catching the oppositions in flight arrow.

5-Spot Targets work to save a “life” of one of the players. 

A “tagged” player can be called back into the game when the oppositions target spot is knocked out

Or when a teammate catches an inflght arrow.

Is Archery Team Tag a Safe team Building Activity?

We provide the right safety equipment required to play Archery Team Tag

Includes a full protective face – mask.

Players experience little pain when “tagged” with the Archery Team Tag arrows.

When can my Team Play Archery Team Tag – Tomorrow