Barnardos thankyou to Thrill team building for kids charities

Barnardos Kids Charity Receive Kitchens from Novartis by Thrill

Another exceptionally rewarding corporate charity team building activity outcomes for Barnardos, corporate groups supporting disadvantaged kids facilitated by Thrill team events.

Seeing Barnados kids playing with the Kitchens built by the loving hands of Novartis employees at Macquarie Park. Is team building at its best! This brought a tear to our eyes.


Barnardos thankyou to Thrill team building for kids charities


There is no greater pleasure in life than connecting the right people with the best team building services we can provide. Toys 4 Kids is an outstanding team bonding experience that really unites business teams and employees. We often use the terms teamwork, collaboration, communication, problem solving and task cohesion. But when these words are put into practice and the end recipient is a disadvantaged child the rewards are greater.

Only 1 week after Novartis staff were building 12 Kids Kitchens. We received news of how these were being interactively utilised by Barnardos Kids around Wollongong and Sydney. The thank you letter is wonderful!

Thrill would like to thank Charlotte of Barnardos on her excellent work as the new corporate relations manager. Our experience of Charlotte has been exceptional. A young lady dedicated to making a positive difference in the community.