Byron Bay is your next amazing NSW destination for conferences, team building activities, team bonding, escapes, motivational business staff events, employee wellness, mindfulness and amazing experiences with the Thrill experts.

Thrill provides 10 team experiences to link you to Byron Bay and help re-connect teams with powerful activities connecting you to the land, the water and your people

Premier Byron Bay Amazing RaceByron Bay Amazing Race Winners and Champions of team building activities and events for corporate groups Thrills

Byron Bays Australian Amazing Race of Skill, Immunity Challenges and Experiences. Thrill staff create an amazing journey for your teams to experience the best of Byron Bay from the beaches to Wategoes and The Cape Byron Lighthouse. Amazing Race specially crafted tasks and team challenges. Like a Life Saver, Juggle or Puzzle Detour. Anyway the wind blows. Kite flying over the beach wreck Roadblock. Spicks and Specs Blues and Music festival song test trivia. Be cool and serve a Byron Beer. Over 25 amazing race activities to mix and match in your exclusive Byron Bay Amazing Race. Enter, compete and win now!

Survivor Byron Bay Style Strengthens your Tribe  survivor team building activities with Outwit outlast and outplaying by Thrill events

Survivor in Byron Bay is sensational fun with Immunity Challenges on the beach and by the bay or Hinterland. Survivor activities, will have your teamwork tested. Navigation, Search and Retrieve survival Equipment, Solving Tangible Puzzles.
Sling Shot Firing at Targets, Building Chariots, Bridges or Rafts. Let’s Embrace the natural Byron elements and fire up the tribe with exceptional outdoor team building boats to sail, huts for shelter or real rafts to paddle. Who will be the ultimate Surviving tribe? Find out by Outwitting, Out Smarting and Out Playing around at Byron Bays famous beaches and Oasis on your exclusive Survivor team event.

Byron Bay Clues Hippie Pirate Trail Treasure Hunt Treasure Hunts in Byron Bay and on the Gold Coast

It’s time to Get to know each other and Byron Better than the locals! Let’s Treasure Hunt to Explore and Discover The secrets of SS Wollongbar Wreck, a Pirate Treasures and the tales of Tassie III. A 120 tonne steel ship that was sunk in Byron Bay waters. With 9-11 clues to collect will your team be the best Byron Bay treasure hunters ever? Step right up, everyone’s a winner on this treasure trove of discovery. A holy grail bounty from Lord Byron awaits the brave.

Wild at Art Painting Byron Bay While Sipping Champagne, Wine, Beer, Ciders, Smoothies or Fantastic Cocktails at Sunset Byron Bay Beach Painting opportunity with Thrill to Paint and Sip Champagne in Byron Bay

Thrill facilitates creative Byron Bay Team Building activities with Love Painting Creative Paint Expression sessions sipping champagne whilst your inner energy fire up. Select Wild at Art or Paint The Bay and Sip. Artworks can be unbridled, passionate and unleashed. With skilled Art Facilitators bring out your teams and staff inner artiste’. Follow our sample paintings or be guided through discovering your own artistic skills. Setting up stunning mobile art studios on the beach, headlands or within Byron’s resorts. We come to your conference venue or on the balcony or your accommodation. Take home your freshly painted amazing and decorative creations.

Sand Sculpting The Byron Way Crocodile sand sculpting sculpture on Bondi Beach Sydney and in Byron Bay with Thrill team events creative team

Sand Sculpting Beach Drift-aways learning session with Thrill Sand Sculpturists. Nothing is as Byron Bay as being amazingly creative with the white sands on Wategos or Tallow Beach. Imagine huge whales, hunting sharks, dream-time turtles and friendly octopus sculptures. Or mermaids and magic candles cradled in a mysterious sea dragons eye socket of fairy tale sand castles rising through the sea mists. Your creative teamwork and collaboration will have you shifting the stormy sands. Materialising great sand sculptures shaped by hand and sculpting tools. Fantastic for photos and leave as a lasting momento on the beach for others to play or admire.

Stone & Wood Brewing Co Beer making Brewery Tour Stone and Wood Byron Bay Breery team activities Thrill

Who loves a thirst quenching deliciously refreshing beer by the beach in Byron? I know that I do. Here we team up with the beer brewery talents of Stone & Wood legendary locals with not only a passion for beer. But an award winning understanding and method of brewing beer. Your team will get a 1st hand tasting experience of five 5 different beers in a really special brewery tour that can be hands on behind the scenes, creating limited release beers.

Raft Building Storm The Beaches and Byron Boat Building Kontiki Style Carnival or Pool Party Raft Building team Building Boat Building Kontiki Activities and Beach Carnivals or integrate into SAS Survivor

With Thrill SAS team taking you through a team skills training session. Filled with tips and techniques to be a stronger person with resilience and purpose. A better team player displaying abundant Drive and Determination. Ultimately each team will build and sail or paddle their own well crafted boat or rescue craft. Filled with real life scenarios that will improve your ability in facing business and personal decisions in a remarkable sink or swim, paddle and survive mission. “We may not direct the wind, but we can adjust the sales!”

BYRON BAY Murder Mystery and Mysterious Mysteries to Discover and Solve CSI style

Murder Mystery group activities and team building events over dinner with entertainment
Who dunnit cluedo clever fun dinner entertainment at The Beach Hotel Resort, Byron at Byron, Lord Byron Bay Resort and Conference Center or Elements of Byron. Complimented by a degustation fine dining menu.
Each course has 1 act of the murder mystery scene to be believed. With the Thrill team events creative writing team. Will based on your questionnaire develop an exclusive murder mystery script to be acted out over dinner or around your meeting, off-site and conference itinerary.

Byron Bay Beach Games, Beach Carnivals and Beach Volleyball Beach volleyball games and beach events for teams on the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise and Byron Bay

Have a Ball with the Thrill team on the beaches of Byron Bay . Fun beach Volleyball skills and drills combined with laughter filled competitive games. Modified rules are the way at Byron Bay. Ensures 100% inclusion and engagement of active conference staff as well as the  not too serious Beach Volleyball and Beach Games competitions. Thrill even throws in Mini Beach Olympics, Circus Skills and Hula Hoops into the action.

More to do in BYRON BAY BEYOND the Byron Baes Chenaningans, Byron Lighthouse, Byron Bars and Byrons Local Produce from Paddock To Plate Foods 

  • Breaking Barriers – smashing, breaking through. Becoming more decisive. Break wooden or foam boards in this motivational self actualisation, positive affirmation team bonding experience.
  • Sound Healing and Yoga on the Beach or Indoors with Ocean views.
  • Team Building Nesting Boxes For Australian Native Wild Life Corridors and Habitat Restoration
  • Mindfullness Within a Byron Hinterland Rainforest Experiences. Teams Planting Rainforest Trees
  • Wellness with a Team Focus with Thrill Yoga Thai Chi Mixes
  • Rejuvenation and Meditation Workshops for Groups
  • Guided Bushwalking to waterfalls, Hinterland Mountain Biking adventures, Abseiling, Skydiving, Surf Rafting, Whale and Dolphin Paddles in Sea Kayaks.
  • Enquire with the Thrill team for your ultimate exclusive Byron Bay, Wellness, Action or Adventure package for teams and groups > 10.
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REFERENCE from Thrill’s 2021 Byron Bay Conference Group – Evergreen Sales Staff
Thank you Thrill team events for a fantastic team building afternoon in Byron Bay by the Crystal Brook and Forest of Byron Bay. We of Evergreen, became survivors for a couple of hours. The selected team building brought the team together with excellent staff challenge activities. Konrad Lippmann from Thrill events facilitated our Survivor event which were thoroughly enjoyed by our sales staff from Evergreen Garden Care. He made us think and work together all afternoon and most importantly as a united team. We were also very lucky to explore The Byron Bay Forest to Beach journey, which added to the experience. Richard Biggs, Sales Manager – Australia. Evergreen Garden Care Pty Ltd.

Thrill events loves Byron Bay and a great team building activation story!

We fell in love with Byron Bay and it’s changing whale to hippie culture way back in the 80’s when were riding motorcycles, exploring the Australian Coast. Venturing from the stunning coastal heath beaches to the remnant Gondwana rainforests. Up Mount Warning and to the most easterly point of Australia. Secreting into the beautiful laid back chilled green rainforest pocketed hinterland. So much so, we bought property at Goonengerry near Federal Shop and Post Office (Famous in the most recent beer adverts) and Possum Shoot. Only a stones throw from the Crystal Castle and Macadamia farms. Then Paul Hogan dropped in.

Byron Bay Team Building activities and staff training conferences where Thrill welcomes your staff to stay and play on the sands on Australia's most easterly point.Alas we did sell the Wilson Creek property before the boom of more celebrities and real estate moguls luxury development buying. We even worked at John Fast Bucks property clearing up the lantana bush whilst rainforest regenerating at the University of Rorts. Right next door to a Paul Keating piggery that has now become the famous Byron Bay Peppers Resort. Our friends were master chef. Cooking amazing feasts for the growing hordes of festivities and fine dining experiences at Lord Byron or The Beach and Byron Bay Resort and Spa.

Ahhh those were the days and those heady Byron youthful experiences permeated into our veins. Growing wiser with time and more experienced in creating unique activities. As Thrill built our foundations along the East Coast of Australia. Thrills clothing brand began a marketing rise. Stone and Wood started brewing well crafted beers and Byron Bay chocolates became decadent delicious treats and a cliche for something we can aspire to. Get Team Building activities and conference event quotes with Free Offers by Thrill events

Now Thrill team building activities and events is making its own mark in the sands of Byron Bay. At the conference venues and within the resorts, hotels and boutique accommodation venues. We facilitate over 100 exceptional team building activities that are unique as Elements of Byron Bay. Or as local as the Byron Beach Hotel, The Northern, Stone and Wood Brewery or Railway Friendly Bar can be.

Custom designing team events that are bespoke and include local culture; walking in the Bundjalung of Byron Bay and Arakwal Bumberlin people’s footsteps – Mundoes. Sharing stories and learning activities with a people’s oldest culture in the world, who have lived in this beautiful coastal landscape around the Byron Bay area for at least 22,000 years.

You may even glimpse and brush by Byron celebrity stardom with the likes of:

  • Chris Hemsworth and His Brother
  • Elsa Pataky
  • Carrie Bickmore
  • Olivia Newton John
  • Matt Damon
  • Gemma Ward
  • as well as some of the local natives