Charity Cooking Team Building CSR Activities Feeding Others in Sydney, NSW and QLD

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The Customer Experience Company teamed up with THRILL team building and conference events crew to make a difference and giving back by cooking for homeless in Sydney and Wollongong.

Thrill Team Building CSR Programs benefit your staff and local communities.

Wollongong Homeless Hub Thrill Charity Cook

Thrill team partnered with The Customer Experience Company and Wollongong Homeless Hub supporting people in need. As part of their conference program on the South Coast.

Konrad Lippmann, director of Thrill team events communicated with Carolyn Monk of The Customer Experience Company to produce a magnificent result. High level protein meals for attendees with 4 recipes cooked in a Master Chef battle Showdown. The locals loved it! enquiry button thrill team

Charity Cooking Team Building Activity – The Locals, The Corporates and the Client Loved It!

50 staff accomplished an incredible job feeding the masses. Bringing their genuine customer experience skills to cooking excellent quality meals and serving guests within the Homeless Hub community.

“The Wollongong Homeless Hub is an integral part of the Illawarra region. Helping and supporting people in crisis. Assisting various client groups. Including people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Indigenous, refugees, new settlement, youth and those who have considerable barriers to obtaining private housing. Such as women and children fleeing domestic violence, single parent families, those recovering from drug or alcohol addiction and those living with mental health.

Clients at ‘The Hub’ are able to access multiple agencies from a single point. Computers, photocopiers, fax machines and telephones are offered free of charge to people accessing services. Community engagement officers are available for support and other support services are also available to clients.”

Activities and events coordinator at Thrill team events reports: “Providing food to the hungry, is but one component in a community based approach to reducing social issues that disadvantaged people face. The Wollongong Homeless Hub provides wonderful community based programs that really supports people in need. A one stop shop from providing the necessities of food, shelter and clothing. To Youth off the streets and facilitated work opportunities”. Research found that Official government data stating that 100’s of people are sleeping rough every night. However the real statistics on the street figure well below advertised data. Which does not include the various levels of Homelessness; Barley able to afford rent, over crowding in shared housing, conflict, domestic violence, living in a car and hardly being able to make ends meet.

Thrill’s team building charity cooking events are holistic programs. Making our community better through engaging corporate business staff to get hands on. Cooking healthy, nutrient rich, tasty meals. Serving delicious recipes with respectfulness. Meeting, sharing food and sitting down directly with the homeless and disadvantaged. Having a chat, listening with empathy in a relaxed environment. Bringing a level of normality and security into the lives of others. Investing their time, energy and resources into positive healthy benefits. I was priveledged to discuss the cooking with several homeless men. All a fun sense of humour who critiqued the meals and awarded the best meal to the Lamb Kebab team!

Facilitating a large variety of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs, from our Thrill-Build-a-Bike, Tree-Planting and Bush Regeneration. To Furniture for Families, Toys for Kids and partnering with Australian Animal Rescue programs. All professionally facilitated across the Sydney Region, Parramatta, The Blue Mountains, the Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Newcastle, Coffs Harbour and The Gold Coast.

CSR Programs play a vital role in the modern Business. According to CECP, the premier firm for CSR research and best practices,

The Shifting Social Contract. 84% of corporate executives believe that society expects businesses to take a more active role in environmental, social, and political issues than it did five years ago. Corporate philanthropy is one effective way to meet these new expectations.

More and more companies are choosing to engage with charity organizations as a regular part of their business life.

THRILL Team Events has been privileged to work with such a large number of local Sydney charities on CSR projects:

  • The Children’s Hospital Foundation
  • OzHarvest
  • The Benevolant Society
  • The Salvation Army
  • Mission Australia
  • Anglicare
  • Baptcare

and our more recent partner the Wollongong Homeless Hub

Charity Team Building Activities For Staff Connection with 100% Employee Engagement to Help Re-Build Communities

Show you Care by Cooking for Homeless and Sustaining others

Choosing to partner with THRILL Team Events to facilitate your CSR Programs will Benefit your Business.

Our professionally organized holistic programs have 5 key Benefits for your business:

  • Business Engagement

People love businesses that are making positive change for the community. Employees want to have meaning and feel like their work is contributing to a better world. Through our Thrill CSR Programs your people will feel proud of your business, the community will feel proud and thankful for your business, and the local charities will feel supported and encouraged by the care they your people have shown.

  • Outcomes based facilitation

THRILL events create tangible and evidence based Team building outcomes for your people. Collaboration, Unity, Engagement in the Business Vision, our programs are carefully constructed to deliver your desired outcomes for your people.

  • Working with local Charities

We embrace the works of local charities that already connected to people in need. Facilitating along side existing programs to support and promote the efforts Charity groups are making. Your employees will become and feel like they are part of the community. Seeing for themselves the difference their work makes.

  • Dignity of all people

Seeing all people as worthy of dignity, regardless of their current circumstances. Thrill CSR programs help connect your staff with the people who are directly benefiting from their work. This face to face connection brings life and feeling into the hearts of your people. Treating others with the same care as they would their friends. Create Heart warming moments!

  • Premium Conference Team building ExperiencesCharity Team Building Activities with CSR Children's sign

The Thrill Team Building Experience, provides your business with a fully packaged, hassle free, experience from the initial inquiry through to the facilitation of the event with our accredited and professional Event Co-ordinators, to the delivery of the desired outcomes for your team.

THRILL team supports and cares for your business outcomes.