Christmas Cooking Party

Take on a Thai Kitchen, French Flambe Dessert, Spanish Tapas or even Christmas Cakes in Sydney, Parramatta, everywhere ready to cook and eat!!

For a Taste of Thai Cooking. Discovering and highlighting impressive kitchen talents, hidden within their team. Become a Christmas Cooking Master Chef. With a brilliant storm of tasty entrees, specialty spring rolls and hot curry puffs.

Mains can include Traditional Pad Thai and a mouth watering Massuman Curry. Followed by delicious desserts of Flambes with fresh strawberries sprinkled with delectable Lindt chocolate shavings.

Master Chef is co-hosted by a Thai Restaurant owner. Leading the cooking activities. With many tricks and skills taught along the way. Creating delectable, authentic Thai cuisine dishes and dip[ping sauces. The pleasure of a restaurant exclusively.

Indulging in their proudly cooked feast as a united sharing dining experience.

Weir Minerals enjoyed style by getting into the kitchen at The Australis for an Asian Thai culinary cooking school. Delivering amazing Entrees and Desserts which made the evening a very special in a Master Chef Experience. Weir Minerals Managing Director, Martin Ofner reported “Weir received extremely positive feedback from the event. Everyone really enjoyed devouring the experience. Thank you Thrill”.

Tasty Cultural Christmas Party Food Team Building Delicious Dishes, Cuisines and Recipes to Select


A Taste of ITALIAN
Make the freshest pasta cooking wood fired pizzas in authentic Italian Restaurants. Enjoy fine Italian ingredients with tomato, mozzarella, parmesan and basil inspired dishes for the real taste of Italy. Enjoy Italian Cooking Team Events in Melbourne or in Sydney.
BBQ Cooking
Australian BBQs are our cooking specialty with inspired BBQ menus. Succulent Steaks, marinaded Kebabs, Chicken & Gourmet Sausages. BBQ Seafood Platters & Specialty cuts of Angus and Aged meats. Supplemented  with wonderful fresh leaf salads.
THAI Cooking
Our most popular eating experience. Foods that match every teams dietary requirements. Healthy Steamed Dim Sims, wonton and amazing rice paper rolls. Main Course Curries Green or Red with Vegetarian Stacks. Desserts with Indonesian and French influence, flared and flambed. From gluten free, coeliac and vegetarians this selection has it all covered. Enjoy light and fresh foods with lime, spring onions, basil and coriander. Secret ingredients of Shrimp paste and galangal to set the palate tastes to bitter or a hit of palm sugar to sweeten the taste.
Chocolate Heaven A little chocolate is never enough! For the serious lover of chocolate or all things chocolate.Chocolate decadence, Deserts to finger food to cakes and slices, chocolate heaven is pure bliss. Become specialist Chocolatiers in Sydney’s finest chocolate factories.
INDIAN cooking
Authentic team bonding. Starters with Samosa, Chicken Tikka, Harra, Pork Adraki. Teaming up with formidable Indian Curries, Vindaloo, Mussaman, Butter Chicken, Korma and Tandoori dishes with a side of Naan Bread and Rita.
Spanish Fiestas & SPANISH TAPAS


Shaking it up with saucy salsas, combined with delicious bruschetta, olives and the best selection of easy to cook Tapas.
VIETNAMESE variety cook off
For extra excitement in the team kitchen. Vietnamese cuisine has it sorted. Perfect for summer with fresh spring rolls, laksas and a taste of the ho chi minh city are all waiting in this fresh menu! During the winter months delicious crispy Spring Rolls.
BANQUETS for Big Groups
Starved for fresh team building ideas? From 10 to 1,000 employees. We customise and create menus to suit any need to get inspired. We create mouth watering menus. We tailor to suit all banquet occassions. Floating you away with Caribbean Islands. Inspired menus include exotic fruits, vegetables and freshest ingredients, taking your taste buds on an excursion.
Extra Tasty and Thrilling Fun Options Inspirational events with MasterChef celebrity cooks to inspire and spice up your next meal. Tastes great on its own or combined with other rewarding team building experiences. Including Amazing Races sampling various international cuisines, Survivor imagine a Hangi or Fire Pit. Finish your Treasure Hunts with spliced Hawaiian Foods on the Beach to get the ball rolling.
Social Corporate Responsibility
Cooking – Cook extra – eat your serve and  Donate a portion to Charity
CSR Corporate Socially Responsible master team chef cooking programs. Cooking for Homeless. Your foods are donated and or served to selected charities and those in need in association with Oz Harvest and Second Bite or direct with Mission and Matthew Talbot Hostel for Homeless in Sydney or Community Hubs in Wollongong and Newcastle.

My Kitchen Rules can be found here. If you arrived here at and are looking for MasterChef Australia click here. For the Thrill restaurant opening special menus for cooking team building click here.