Christmas work party celebrations are best enjoyed with a rewarding range of Thrill group activities and fun team building. Balanced with Fun Games and a celebratory drink. Enjoy professionally hosted entertainment events in Sydney and corporate celebration parties hosted by professional staff.gove the gift of charity team for kids and disadvantaged children in Sydney this Christmas

Request Thrill to provide you with the best event planning Work Christmas Party and event ideas in Sydney on the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Central Coast, Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise and in Brisbane.

Breakaway from the same old dinner and drinks. Get the corporate body active and into a range of fun activities like Corporate Entertainment Games or get creative with a Thrill Wild at ART Party!

Our Christmas Minute 2 Win It Fun n work Party Games. Are closely followed by CSR Christmas Charity Building and gifting the proceeds to kids in need; Building Bikes, Green Machines, Toys 4 Kids and Furniture For Families. Fun Lip Sync Battles, all hosted by charismatic and Thrilling entertainers.

Get creative functions in style with everyone engaged, laughing and smiling. Enjoy and unite with the Gift of Giving experiences. Participating in exciting Corporate Socially Responsible team building Charity activities and events. We love theming Hollywood, Super Heros, Australiana, Bush, Celebrities.

Best of all we would love for your work crew to become Santas (super fun Santa Selfie here). Presenting the gift of giving is the most thoughful and rewarding for staff. As well as for the charity and kids that receive your team building presents. Click here for Christmas Charity Work Party Team Building activities that keep on group activities and fun celebration for staff team building in Sydney to the Gold Coast

12 Christmas Work Party Days with Themed Fun Staff Activities to Wrap up Business Parties and Corporate Group Celebrations in 2019

Select your Thrilling range of team activity ideas, experiences, drinks packages and catering delicious foods in all locations.

Wishing all your staff a THRILLING end of year. Don’t forget to reward them with the best Christmas experiences and activities!

We have a stocked Christmas in our Santa’s warehouse full of team building goodies.minute 2 win it activities and games hosted by Thrill in Sydney

The most popular and trending THRILL End Of Year Team Celebration Events are :

  1. Minute 2 Win It XMAS Games Party entertainment that includes you all – Great talent is unearthed with hilarity!
  2. Treasure Hunts Pirate fun or Search for Santa out to Islands as well as on The Rocks and Sydney Pubs.
  3. Toys 4 Kids – a terrific shared experience of building toys donated to kids charities.amazing race events for group activities envelope
  4. Cocktail Making n Shaking – a yummy twist to any corporate event!
  5. Beach Olympics – games and superb fun on the beach.
  6. Amazing Race Activities – custom built fully themed for Christmas event surprises. Pitstop finish at your celebratory destination with Detours into bars, pubs and cafes for refreshing team building.
  7. Building Bikes and BMX’s for Children’s Charities. The Gift of Giving is the best staff reward.
  8. Kayaking, Mountain Biking or Abseiling adventures in Sydney
  9. Survivor – You made it through 2018 and survived! Outwitted, Outsmarted Now its time for tribal council… and out play!Survivor events and activities logo for Thrill events
  10. BBQ Master Chef – Seafood sensations, delicious 2-3 course Xmas menus for a shared cooking feast of delights.
  11. Customised Entertainment, Corporate Family Day Carnivals and Interactive Events to get everyone Playing

12 Gifts Of Giving Christmas Events to Reward Staff with Amazing Races, Treasure Hunts, Survivor Games and Charity Build Helping Kids

Enjoy and dream of Christmas Kris Kringles is even better when your team event helps others in need. For every booking of 21 or more staff. Thrill will build and donate a Kids Toy valued to $250 to a selected Children’s Charity. 

Thril Team Building Charity Building 4 kids help by corporate teamwork that is motivational#1 Amazing Races where the final location pitstop can be Santas little Secret. Teams get to open their final mystery envelope to reveal where the Christmas function celebration party is.

For the Party people! It’s
BEACH GAMES. Playing Beach Volleyball, Beach Cricket or sculpting the sands of Sydney Beaches. If your team has enough energy a Mini Olympics fun games indoors and outdoors event will getting your corporate bodies in shape.enquiry button thrill team events

#3 TREASURE HUNTS in Sydney and The Rocks. Get dressed in Pirate, Convict or Captains Themes for Christmas Teams search to find Santa in a wonderful toy story. Finishing the hunt at the function center with all the years prizes and bonuses. Some may even gift their prizes to kids charities. Imagine Sailing by on Sydney Harbour aboard historic tall ships or a ferry to secluded Shark and Cockatoo Island Bar celebrations.

After 14 years with Jeff Probst at the helm.
is still with us. It is the ultimate Xmas active
celebration event. Right next to your office, in a local park or reserve. We pop up, with picnic facilities and delicious BBQ’s to feed the hunger games contestants. As your team has Survived a tremendous year. It will be time to get your colleagues outdoors to Out-Play and Out-Celebrating and Out-of the office. Hurray!


# 6 Cocktail Making n Shaking activities where the results are tantalising and consumable. Put in more punch or move to refined drinking,

#7 WINE tastings, beer tasting, whisky appreciation, cider games

#8 FUN grape stomping and WINE Blending at wineries and your offices.

At Thrill we enjoy
#9 WILD AT ART creative celebration therapy. After a great or miserable year of grinding out the workload. Its time to paint Canvases. Not just a brush stroke at a time. But transform your Christmas event with throwing, squirting, smudging and or smearing paints! wild at art paint parties for creative team events and celebrationsOur Art Parties will have your work buddies in groovy smocks. Much better than paintball. Or be
more sedate and decorating the office with Christmas decorations.

The best by far is

#10 Charity Teams Building Toys 4 Kids, Bikes, Cubby Houses and Playgrounds for disadvantaged Children. Corporate Charity Team Building Gifts are the Perfect Christmas Present for Businesses. Wonderful toys, cooking for charities, packing hampers for homeless. All worthy csr causes are fully packaged with all the inclusions and Xmas trimmings for a stress free terrific corporate event.

Thrill specialises in corporate team building Christmas celebrations, functions and event events in Sydney, Gold Coast and Brisbane. Designing terrific end of year games for corporate group events. Suitable for 10-1,000 staff.

We operate on the waters in Sydney Harbour to The Rocks to event centers Australia wide.

Designed for Especially for Corporate Christmas Cheers

Delivering presents to ensure a fun, celebratory End Of Year EOY themed event full of cheer. Trained professional team building staff will have you dressed as elves with real Treasure Chests.

Or experience a Casino Night, Cocktail making and Games events extravaganza to have everyone cheering!

Each activity or event is matched to your requirements and managed by a professional coordinator.

Take the pressure off your team and allow THRILL to organise the whole package.

THRILL Events Planning Team INCLUDES Minute-2-Win-It-Christmas-Work-Party-Games

  • Professional Hosts – / Qualified Facilitators, Coordinators and Instructional Staff.
  • Santa, Santa’s reindeer, Elves and Christmas themed props where requested.
  • – Quality equipment and safety for all activities.
    – Advise THRILL, we endeavor to provide the best service possible on every occasion.
  • Great interactive Entertainment
  • Venue selection advice
  • Catering – can be arranged by THRILL Catering or by the venue, external caterers or BYO.
  • Drinks Packages – THRILL has RSA and an exceptional range of Beers n Wines.Lip Sync Battles for fun celebration Christmas events
  • Permits are all organised for you.

EXTRAS available for unique events and celebrations
– Giant
Inflatables, Soccer, Obstacle Courses, Carnivals, Rides, Fairs, Circuses, Performers, Dancers, Stilt Walkers, Acrobatics
– Themed Christmas events with Flash Mobs and Christmas Caroling
– Celebrities, Guest Speakers
– Santas by the Dozen
– Magicians, Clowns, Roving Entertainment
– PA sound system and AV /Lighting

Discuss your aims and budget with THRILL Christmas events planning staff to meet your requirements. Stunning Venues, Excellent Locations. Call THRILL the corporate Christmas party event entertainment experts on 02 9630 2222.