The Australian way Rsutic Team Building Activities to engage staff

Connecting Staff in 2023 Conferences New Team Building Activities Ideas Throughout NSW and QLD

Thrill team building events brings you the newest Conference Team Building Activities and Ideas to actively connect teams, staff, employees and customers to your business.

A series of rustic Australian team building activities crested by Thrill team events

The Australian Way Team Building Extravaganza
From whip cracking to sheep shearing, herding cattle and damper making teamwork challenges.
a/ Crack the Whip – Our whip experts demonstrate and teach leather whip cracking – superb for staff leadership training.
b/ Sheep Shearing – Thrill brings in the big guns and a mobile sheep shearing station. Your team must shear a sheep, lay out the fleece and bag the wool. All whilst being careful and safe with the animals.
c/ Herding – Is a vital skill for managers and staff to learn. We provide herding via K9 trained herding dogs or join a cattle muster on horseback or quad bike and herd live cows, sheep or horses.
d/ Damper making over live burning fire pits and hot bed of coals – every Australian worth their salt needs to know how to cook a damper. We train you in the art of firefighting and full extinguish of the fires.
e/ Steak and Sausages BBQ beef-eaters cooking.
f/ Tree planting – current climate change requires immediate action. Help Aussie farmers and our environment by planting Australian Native trees.
g/ Weed eradication – join in our land-care groups to remove weeds and rehabilitate the land.
h/ Hay Bailing – Roll or stack the hay bales.
i/ Shooting activities – Clay Target Shooting or live ammunition with weapons on a safe target range.
j/ Aussie Aussie, Aussie – Au Au Au or Cooeee! Develop your farm hand language and a Team Chant for maximum points.
K/ Native Animal Handling – CARE, WIRES and wildlife handlers with have you enjoy close encounters safely with our native wildlife.

Ideal for business groups and events for 20-1,000 staff delegates at all conference venues. Each Australian Way Team Building Activity can be integrated into a holistic team building program proceeded by a team and personality profile from DISC TO MBTI or TMS. Then on with the Australian Games.