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Last Minute Team Building Activities in Sydney with bookings available on the beach, Sydney Harbour, Cockatoo Island and all venues or locations.  Call Now on 0459 111 129.

Every year the work piles up and suddenly you are responsible for organising last minute team building activities and events that will motivate, inspire and bring together a diverse group of staff. How will you achieve a brilliant outcome that satisfies everyone, meets the budget and impresses the bosses?

We have just the solution to those last minute team building activity needs, even with 1 hour to spare.

FOXTEL’s Last Minute Team Building Call 0459 111 129 to Thrill in Sydney Saved Their Team Development Day

Last week at the 11th hour Foxtel Digital were left stranded on Cockatoo Island Sydney Harbour with just that dilemma. The event organising staff rang the Thrill Team Events hotline and spoke with Konrad Lippmann, Operations Manager.

In the brief discussion Konrad was able to pin point the team building needs analysis for the Foxtel TeamFoxtel Last Minute Team Building in Sydney Logo

  • Fun
  • Educational
  • Motivational
  • Intelligent
  • Unique
  • Collaborative
  • Competitive
  • Engaging
  • Mystery
  • 2 hours

The answer was Escape Cockatoo Island – a series of clues and challenges directly on Cockatoo Island in order to find the escape from an Island surrounded by shark infested waters only a few miles from Sydney but 1,000 miles from help. Self sufficiency and drawing up their own resources the Mission deal was sealed within minutes. Foxtel staff confidently continued their journey to Cockatoo Island. Whilst back at Thrill HQ, the team building content was printed up, bandanas and props packed. Arran Lemon delivering the team development activities folders within an hour of the phone call. Foxtel completed their lunch and began their journey to escape Cockatoo Island with team building skills accomplished.

Todd Sampson from Body Hack Entertained Staff with His Story of SurvivalTodd Samspn Body Hack meets Thrill Team Building in Sydney

Aboard the Woolwich Ferry enroute to Cockatoo Island, Thrill staff Michelle Chapman and Alex McInness met their hero in person Todd Sampson. Famed for the current series BODY HACK. Todd Sampson shared his story of Survival in true Survivor fashion. Engaging the audience with crafted tales and how the quick acting decision of his producer jumping into the frigid waters saved his life!

TODD SAMPSON is a professional speaker, awesome adventurer, as well as award-winning documentary-maker. His skills in media are brilliant as testified in the Gruen Transfer through which he has become a television presenter and continues being a talented businessman.

For further discussion on how Thrill Team events in Sydney can handle;

  • last minute team building assistance
  • Obtain professional guest speakers
  • engage an audience and
  • supply a delicious BBQ Catering menu
  • on even remote Sydney Islands

Call the Thrill team with solutions to your Body Hack dilemma!