LEDVANCE Amazing Race Group Activities Team Building

Congratulations LEDVANCE teams, you are technically savvy and on the way to winning Thrill events Amazing Race group activities in Sydney. Welcome to your Amazing Races on-line.

Your next challenge is to create and upload your video themed: ‘HUMAN CENTRIC LIGHTING’.  More below:

Human Centric Focus of LEDVANCE Amazing Teams in Sydney for Team Building True Stories of Light and People

This challenge is Scored out of 100 points!

Complete the en-route video TASK Ledvance-Team-Building-Amazing Race in Sydney by Thrill

En-Route Create, Film/Video and UPLOAD to the visitor Post a 10-30 second Amazing TRUE STORY Team Challenge related to ‘HUMAN CENTRIC LIGHTING’ be SMART and on time

Sharing and/or performing an Amazing True Story – get your whole team to act in the parts.

Upload your short TRUE story VIDEO with a comment



  • as a comment on the VISITORS Post
  • – with your Team Name / Number / Colour
    (scroll down till you find the LEDVANCE image)
  • Ensure it makes a statement about you, your business and YOUR TEAM & PEOPLE!
  • Be sensible as well as Clever and Creative for maximum Points / 100 !
  • Complete this Task before registering at The Roadblock within 15 minutes from NOW for up to 100 Bonus Points.
  • Include your whole team – act the parts, have a narrator, develop the script.
  • Also The more likes you get – The more Points you receive.

If there is a company policy that contravenes utilising Facebook in this manner. Or you disagree with uploading a video due to social media and confidentiality. Then, please show your Video to Thrill staff at the ROADBLOCK of your Amazing Race in Sydney.

Never LATE ; Penalty -20pts / minute.

LEDVANCE Team Building Activities Challenge Task started at The Maritime Museum Darling Harbour and is now heading to register next to Wild Life Sydney Zoo – 1-5 Wheat Rd, King Street Wharf.



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