Improve your team communication with THRILL MBTI® Master Class Activities.

MCA workshops include exercises such as the example below. To further enable individuals and groups to apply knowledge of their personality profiled type.


  • leadership,
  • communication,
  • problem solving and team functioning.

Thrill  MBTI® practitioners effectively introduce individuals, teams and organisations to the insights of type theory.MBTI Personality coaching and training sessions Sydney

Beyond the introductory level, awaits much deeper and profound opportunities for your business team to apply more focused team development.

Thrill facilitators listen and tailor activities to meet the needs of your team.

Providing the opportunity to build skills, boost confidence and reinvigorate how you use the MBTI® instrument for deeper individual and group development in your own organisations.

As part of the Communication training workshop you will experience and receive tried and tested MBTI® exercises and resources

Build on the skills learnt through previous MBTI® training

  • Develop strategies for responding to challenges.
  • Develop the skills and experience you need to apply the MBTI® knowledge for deeper development with individuals, teams and leaders.
  • Understand the impact of type dynamics for personal and professional development.
  • Incorporate personality type into practical tools and techniques for your individual development and for team building or team development.
  • Learn how to use type to address communication challenges, team conflict and stress management.

Have you considered your team’s personality and their types which can be included in business communication.

Review the Eight Questions for Making your teams Personalities and Type Work in All Communicationenquiry button thrill team events

1.    Have you conveyed openness to brainstorming and dialogue and willingness to regularly provide information and feedback?
2.    Have you allowed enough time between exposure to new information and required response so that you and others will be able to give your best efforts?
3.    Are all the facts, to the best of your knowledge, on the table?
4.    Have you examined the patterns in the data and endeavoured to consider the largest most global view?
5.    Have you delineated the pros and cons, weighed the alternatives by standard criteria, and measured the relative value of all the variables?
6.    Does your decision making take into account the human costs, the probable long term effects on relationships, and the impact on the values and connections you hold most dear?
7.    Have you set the deadline, the goal, and the direction for your current activity?
8.    Have you provided opportunity to re-open a question, re-examine a decision and pursue additional related information?

Does your communication style include these?

When you are looking to improve team performance and achieve increased results in any business – call us to review the fundamentals and make improvements from the base layer.

Contact THRILL MBTI facilitators that implement team building activities to compliment the theory and improve understanding of your personality types.

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