Murder Mystery, Heists and Who Dunnit Dinners on The Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley or Blue Mountains Venues

Thrill Murder Mystery and Mystery and Heists are a terrific way to engage your friends, staff, corporate delegates, teams and employees to engage inter-actively over a ‘unique customised murder mystery’ dinner.

Where you can watch the action, become a detective or play a greater acting part! Be the secret murder, assassin even the targeted character to be murdered, all will be revealed by the show stopping grand finale end.

Thrill team events character hosts will assign you a character role and help act the scenes – guided by our Narrator Host and professional actors. 

Murder Mysteries and Foul Play Heists for small 10 to large group events of 100’s of staff at restaurants, conferences, expos and more.


Murder, Konrad wrote; Is available in all venues within Sydney, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Byron Bay and Sunshine Coast.

Select from a series of themes, crime scenes and murder who dunnit, which can be re-enacted and played out by your teams. We script the scenes to include your people. From 10-500 participants. 

It’s time to connect staff and discover character filled connection events that crack the case, find out the culprit murderer, who DUNNIT?

Your exclusive designed and scripted Murder Mystery is hosted by Narration professionals, conducted at all conferences, restaurants, pubs, cafes, Air BnB, Hotels, Resorts or at the work office.

Let your sleuthing sense of skill become a part of the Murder Action.

Role play your murder character part until the final curtain act, Where the murderer, kidnapper, heist master minds are revealed.

Murder Mystery hosted group and Thrilling team building activities over dinner and drinks at Restaurants and Hotels or Resorts

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How does a Thrilling Hosted MURDER MYSTERY or HEIST Inter-active Entertainment Event Over Dinner and Drinks Work?

Please enjoy your complimentary drink and be seated. The show is about to begin. Our lighting and effects team will have the murder or heist may take place right before your eyes. 

Enter your host to meet n greet your dinner guests.

Who have all received a dinner invitation. Arrive dressed to impress in their special character and or Thrill events character costumes.

Commence role playing their character (following cues) in the selected Murder Mystery story.

A murder most foul, kidnap or heist has been committed! Or can be acted out as guests arrive. Setting the scene. Strategy, daring, Cunning, Slueths whilst great food and justice is served up.

Yes, it’s darstardly clever fun!


Each guest has a story, a role, motive and possibly an alibi of some description.

Most are seriously, dubious.

Thrill is able to supply props to get your team into the scene and theme from Las Vegas Nights, Oceans 11 (12 and 13), James Bond 007 events to Wild West to Orient Express or Mafia Godfather style of murder mystery.

Every theme is covered from 1920’s to re-enactments from your favourite movie scenes.

Thrill will supply character notes, so your staff can get fancy dressed for the occasion.

Elect to have Thrill coordinate and bring along the wardrobe and character – actors make up team.

Throughout the dinner or event, your guests will be able to question or interrogate identified suspects.

Your Thrill Murder hosts leads you through the narration and targets (incriminates) targeted staff to become embroiled in the murder plot most foul.

Enjoy the meal and drinks whilst chatting to collect evidence and share to collaborate your views.

Enjoy a superb fun, clever and entertaining murder mystery that will

–  leave you or the victim hanging in suspense…

Upgrade props, costumes to match the scenes bringing the characters to life.

SELECT A THRILLING MURDER MYSTERY, Corporate Kidnap or HEIST Themed Evening Activity for 10-100’s of Guests

  • Hollywood Nights
  • The Godfather
  • Mafia
  • The Heist
  • Art Heist
  • The Reunion
  • 3 Weddings and Funeral
  • Fantasy Island
  • Peter Pan
  • The Mob
  • Romeo & Juliet
  • The Circus
  • Wall Street
  • Medieval Knights
  • Hawaiian Cruise
  • Themed Movies: Super Heros…
  • 1920’s Gatsby Themed Murder Mystery
  • 1980’s Movie Themed Murder Mystery
  • Wizard School of Harry Potters or Puffs
  • Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom Murder 
  • Magician Themed Murder Mystery
  • Masquerade Balls
  • Carnival Themed Murder Mystery
  • Pirate Themed Murder Mystery
  • Wild West Cowboy Murder Mystery

    a/ Lead Characters – name, age, gender and a brief (one sentence) about them, their suitability for a wild western character. Yeeeeehaaaaa…
    Bounty hunters, Pistol Deulers, The Sherif, sherifs / side kick assistants, gun slinger/s, bounty hunters. Bar keeper, gamblers, rouges, villains, master poker playe, card sharks. Dodgy potions sales people. Hustlers to horse rustlers. Miners, bank clerks and ladies of the night. Burlesque (let us know how risqué we can can be). More dancers, Can Can and Show girls. Boxers, farmers, cow boys with guns for hire. John Wayne, Camp Town Races, Saloon bar owners… all have a motive for Murder and an Alibi….. 
  • Wine Murder Mystery in The Hunter Valley Vineyards – special wine industry events when in wine country.

Custom Build – Thrill writes the script around your scene/s, business products, services and people.

Interrogation and questioning; you collect information about the crime/s committed by questioning suspects, victims, or witnesses.

The ultimate goal of an interrogation is to solve the murder mystery or crime. An interrogation with a character suspect may be for 1-2 minutes.

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Looking to have your next Murder Mystery and Heist Group Activities go to the next level.


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