New Team Building Activities and Ideas to Engage Staff

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Every year team building activity ideas for adult, business and corporate groups can get a bit stale. So we brainstormed some great team development options to motivate, reward, inspire, educate your staff and employees to engage, communicate, collaborate, problem solve and play together.

10 New THRILL team building activities and events in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne

1. ALICE IN WONDERLAND – Down The Rabbit Hole team building events.

Explore universal themes that makes Alice In Wonderland an amazing exciting and unique adventure for team building.

We transform venues into a magical Alice In Wonderland storybook scene.

Each chapter is a unique team building activity, each room requires a different thinking process similar to Edward De Bono’s thinking hats….. request your fun team building activities A-Z guide where 10 new team building activities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or Gold Coast is only the tip of the ice berg!

2. PLAY MUSIC – ORCHESTRATED orchestra-team-building-musicTEAM BUILDING

Everyone receives a musical instrument. THRILL talented musicians encourage random playing of any instrument. Drums, trumpet, violins, castanets, flutes, guitars, symbols, synthesisers, key boards…..


We allow the experimentation of the music / sound to cacophony then begin to establish rhythm, harmony, timing and sweet music.

Our resident conductor pieces together the qualities of the musicians.

Then as an orchestra the music playing in earnest begins.

Witness a unique transformation of the storming, norming and reforming team building processes take on a magical quality.


3. QUIDDICH – Harry Potters – JR Rowling fantasy game comes to life!


Your search for the ultimate game of 2014 is over! Game time commences with the time honoured Qiddich team building activities gameplay of the century!

Quiddich is the best team building sport we have played in 2014 – we are teaming up with Sydney University to gain access to the famous Quiddich stadium – roar and applause as teams enter the arena.

The Snitch is real and flies, hovers, lands and is darn difficult to capture – teams chase the snitch aboard Segways as the big ball on the ground is picked up thrown, bumped or kicked toward the goal!


Imagination in children is a remarkable gift. All too suddenly we appear to lose the ability of using our imagination. THRILL understands that imagination is a powerful tool for companies to redevelop. Explore new possibilities and engineer new ideas. Beach sand sculpting is designed to take you back and break down the barriers, expose you to the real elements of life – wind, water, salt, sand.

Grab a bucket and spade – dream up a monster from the deep, Castles on the fore shore fending off invaders, Cute creatures and iconic features!

If your team is stuck indoors conferencing and needs a break that builds up connectivity blended with creativity, then beach sand sculpting is the activity for your business.


Flash Mob team building activities are the best idea for getting your team moving together in harmony whilst have energised fun!!! Simple or complex dance moves – everyone can move and we can choreograph a flash mob that has everyone engaged and smiling! Imagine your team hitting the streets and making their positive mark on the community.

Mish will Mash the songs and music to get your teams happy feet a tapping and a clapping.

6. TOP GEAR Teams Building a BILLY CART DERBYfun-billy-cart-charity-race

No expense spared – step on the gas and get ready to Build a Billy Kart.

Child’s play right!

Not in this Billy Kart extravaganza – 3 levels of billy cart kits or car kits are supplied.

Billy Car and Car parts are traded until all components are ready for the safe assembly of a teams transport.

Building the kit well is Key to the ignition and allowable to take from the concourse to the track and trial against other teams.

Exceptional fun – Impressive wheel spinning results with the best kitted billy karts. As well as Karts taking out the Championship Trophy by winning the corporate billy cart races!

Amazing Finish – where teams gift the Billy Carts Built to Children’s charity!!!


Using an oversized Meccano set. Teams build an intricate system to Trap a Rat. Levers, pulleys, baskets, weights, chain reactions and engineering principles are utilised. Communication, Systems integration, Task Cohesion and – success!!

Team building mechanics are set into play using the same techniques as Mouse Trap Game originated in 1963. In our version the mouse or rat (a very cute soft toy) travels your construction path to locate the cheese. Similar in thought to “Who Moved My Cheese”.

Ultimately the Rat is Trapped or squashed humanely. Ideal for engineering, analytical and building teams that require collaboration for project management.


Lego has been the foundation stone for many a child’s development. THRILL transform the process of playing with lego into a team building activities fun extravaganza. Build whole cities redesign cultures, whilst being attentive to the way in which we learn. Transform a team building off site workshop into a clever and informative Lego Team PLAY led explosion of sharing ideas, systems and successes. Learning while playing is the focus of THRILL’s more serious team building activities programs for corporate businesses wishing to develop their teams skills.

9. WILLY WONKERS Chocolate Factory

Become an umpa lumpa – teams learn the secret and art of chocolate making under the guidance of a professional chocolatier.

Teams make their own magical and tasteful chocolate creations – blending mixing and melting high quality chocolates – ready to be consumed.

The team building element is in sharing the kitchen
– we can come to you and bring our mobile chocolate making facilities or visit us at 2 grand locations in Sydney and 2 wonderful surprise locations in Melbourne.

10. Obstacle Challenges

Overcome obstacles as a united team. Thrill provides training, motivation, skills, techniques and cardio vascular fitness coaches to achieve your coprorate groups Tough Mudder, Spartan, Warrior Dash, Stampede events. Thrill makes even more fun by setting us spectacular team events for your company Australia Wide. We have 4 obstacle course event locations in Sydney, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands. Also around Melbourne for the Best team Building fun! Where you get in and get your hands dirty!!!