Optimise conference outcomes for delegates, staff training, team conferencing in the beach

Optimise conference outcomes for delegates, staff training and teams on the Gold Coast

Thrill Conference Recovery activities takes Ocean Therapy to the next level when supported by your team.

Immerse your team in Ocean Therapy

– There is something about the smell of the ocean, the gentle breeze in your hair, the sand between your toes and the fresh ocean water lapping at your ankles.

Thrill Conference Recovery program gives your team the time and space to:Optimise conference outcomes for delegates, staff training, team bonding on the beaches of Sydney, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast staff linking together

Mindfulness – bringing awareness to delegates self – in space and time

Reflect – on learning gained at conference

Clarity – around their purpose within your organisation

Connect – through strengthened relationships and trust

Plan – the next action steps to take with a clear, focussed mind.

When teams take time and space to focus on this before their conference is complete, the benefits that ripple out are immeasurable.

Strength, understanding and growth in their team and individuals skills and knowledge base.

It is through working together that big goals are accomplished.

Don’t wait until you’re back in the office. Gain this clarity before the conference ends.

Make the return to the workplace post-conference more efficient – allowing for greater cohesion and focus, so your team can hit the ground running – taking full advantage of the gold shared at conference.

Want to avoid a Conference Hangover? Does your team need some Vitamin Sea?

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