Beer Bike Electric Vehicle Wine Mobile Coffee Bar in Hunter Valley

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The Pedal-Inn tours, Australia tour guiding Beer Bike, Rolling Wine Cart, Food Truck and Mobile Coffee Bar for events. This unique vehicle is now based in The Hunter Valley.

Ideal for a ‘Beer Bike’ concept following on from the successes in Europe. London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Hungary, Turkey, Spain and across the United States.

Thrill’s Beer Bike vehicle is fully operational and excellent to ride and drive on private land. Hunter Valley wineries, Southern Highlands breweries or Coffee and Food Truck mobile stands for hungry crowds in Sydney. Invest in a terrific crowd pleasing fun 15 person promotional stand that is ideal for all events. Own one heck of an amazing food truck, coffee bike which is legendary for pop up promotions and brand marketing concepts.

Thrill The Pedal Inn with a fully Enclosed Trailer or without. Also has electric vehicle motor with  battery system as back up to tired pedalers.

This beer bike, rolling wine bar vehicle has 15 seats for passengers. Main aisle space inside for a driver/tour guide who has full control of the vehicle.

The bike also has an electric motor providing a top speed of 20kms/hour to assist with passengers who choose not to pedal.

All passengers face the central bar where they can partake in wine tastings, beer sampling, food feasting as they are pedaling around or relaxing at the rolling bike bar.

The Pedal Inn bike is contained in a fully enclosed registered trailer for easy transportation. Price can be negotiated with or without trailer.

This quadwheeled beer bike with a bar can be driven like a car. It was the first of its kind in Australia.

Create a new business with an awesome vehicle to promote your ideas.

Develop events or products as an events marketing vehicle. Please get in touch for more information.

Phone Konrad Lippmann from THRILL events on 02 9630 2222 or mobile 0459 1111 29