Conference Recovery Breathe Meditate and Yoga Stretch The Body Exercises and Activities for Teams

Create a healthier workplace environment or conference recovery session with Thrill’s Corporate Breathing, Thinking, Meditating, Exercising and Personal Development activities.

There are SIX key elements to a healthy living mind and body. Build the foundations of your work day successfully from the morning as a foundation and through to the evening in 6 easy steps.

The best way to Relieve stress and learn more for Corporate groups at Conferences, Meetings and Off-Sites is With A Thrill Wellness Thai Chi Yoga and Calm Body Stretch Mix

As a society we tend to look for reasons to distinguish and feel different from each other. Which of course we are. Every single one of us has something that makes us unique. Our skills, talents and personality. Often we forget to think about the structure that construct our personalities as individuals. For example, all humans breathe.

Breathing is something we do automatically. No conscious effort is required, Yet when we are mindful and conscious of our breathing. Controlling and regulating breathing can gain great benefits. We don’t put so much effort and don’t give the importance that it has. Breathing gives us fresh oxygen to our muscles and mind, all of our cells require oxygenation. Which keeps us alive. IMPORTANT! Team building activities get a quote from Thrill Events

This is why the best way to wake up in the morning is to bring consciousness to ourselves and dedicate a couple minutes to focus on breathing and feel thankful for it. (10 deep inhales)

Recovery or Energise Staff by Breath work, Meditate and Exercise Together with a 30-90 Minute Thrill Start Fresh at Work Day

Our environment is getting faster and faster, which makes our minds go a little crazy. All that speed doesn’t let us think clearly. This is why our second advice is to dedicate 10 minutes (anytime during the day is up to you) each day to meditate. Sit down and empty your mind by focusing on your breathing. The afterglow of the session allows you to enjoy the benefits of a healthy and relaxed mind. Which will give you the clarity to take better decisions for ourselves and business. Be patient, the first weeks won’t be easy, you will see how many things you have in your head.

So far, we have to combine the glue that holds everything together. The oxygen and the mind, one of the most important aspects of a person. The other one is the body, which has to be in line with the mind. By fostering the consciousness in our breathing and meditating for 10 minutes a day, we achieve a more flexible and powerful mind.

The Right Training Tools

But how we achieve that in our bodies? Our third advise to close the circle is to complete 20 minutes of power yoga training every morning, this is a routine you can find online or with a Thrill corporate lifestyle coach to develop your flexibility and strength.

Our fast-going, fast paced environment often makes us loose the perception of time. Allow us to get your staff organised within a 35 minute session on day one to learn the skills which you can then implement as a team or individually.  Each day, you will achieve a mind-body connection that will make you unstoppable.

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Article written by Thrill team events guest writer and facilitator Borja Silleras Villamayor. Edited and coached by Konrad Lippmann (BA Human Movement, Graduate Diploma Education, Exercise Science, Physiology and Psychology). 

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