Fluid Art Flow Team Building Activities

Creative team building activities Fluid art Flow acrylic pouring workshop linking your team creatively.

Team building experience with vibrant designs, re-connecting your team with hands on outrageous and fun creative activities.

Where everyone can safely explore and release their inner artist.

Thrill creative inspirational leaders help your team to explore through vivid imagination, making amazing creations in unique artwork to take away. Go with the flow of a dynamic acrylic paint medium that ebbs like the tide, swirls like the clouds and flows like waterfalls cascading onto the canvas.

Creative-Covid-Safe-Team-Building-ActivitiesThrill acrylic paint flow pouring earth artistic flow interactive staff teamwork, exploring shape, fluidity, colour and landscape.

Achieve your creative team building outcomes in Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Central Coast and Hunter Valley with vibrant colourful Paint Pouring Activities.

Thrill takes your team on a journey of discovery, using bright, vibrant acrylic colours through fluid art techniques, leaving you with one of a kind results.

Wholistic and suitable creative team activities, no previous drawing or painting skills necessary. Thrill creative team will take you through some light fun colour theory – avoiding the mud – before kitting up and getting painty!

team building paint acrylic fluid flow
Paint preparation and layering is Key.

Abstract Fluid Style Art can be kept simple, or layer different colour palate techniques for amazing creative work effects.

Express yourself, cooperate, communicate, working with your team strengths, building resilience and creating the perfect masterpiece to take home, or hang welcoming back in the office.

How does an Acrylic Paint Pouring Fluid Flow Staff Workshops Inspire Teams? 

Choose Individual creative works where participants get the opportunity to create small individual canvas creations.


Select a team building extension package. a/ individual small canvas creations + b/ team large format canvases.

Working together to create a unique one of a kind acrylic pouring fluid art artworks, with the perfect colour palette blend and pouring technique.

team acrylic paint pouring fluid flow
thrill creative team building group canvas

Ideal for teams looking to explore new ideas, abstract out of the box thinking, cooperation, team work, communication along with being outside of most people comfort zone.

Explore team building art creating amazing shapes, features, colours, islands on coastal sand through Acrylic Pouring with these techniques



fluid flow Thrill painting

  • Clean Pour
  • Dirty Pour
  • Flip Pour
  • Puddle / Straight Pour
  • Dip Technique
  • Dutch Pour
  • String Pull Pour
  • Marble Pour
  • Swirl Techniques

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