With your corporate groups, employee and staff team building assistance, Thrill builds well designed IKEA Furniture for Families as a Charity Team Building activities event.

There are many families struggling to make ends meet in Sydney’s greater West, Brisbane’s south, The Gold Coast and Melbourne suburbs.

Furniture 4 Families is a Team building Activity That Makes a difference to People

Not only a buzzword. Being mindful when it comes to spending budgets should include thinking about the long term benefits and positive impacts your teambuilding exercise can make.

Thrill partners with over 20 Australian charities. Facilitating your teams project planning. Implementing problem solving skills. Developing teamwork, whilst building for the community.

Select your partner charity or have thrill link your staff and lets get working together to accomplish a brilliant worthwhile team building outcome.

Help Thrill, help others to make a difference to families in need. ‘CARE’ Caring Appropriate Resourceful Events’.

  • LOCATION: Australia wide, All Indoor & Outdoor Spaces, Conference Centres and Venues.
  • GROUP SIZE: 10 to 1,000's of participants
  • DURATION: Typically 2.5 to 3.5 hours (customised to suit your timing)
  • RESULTS * Intelligent, rewarding team building * Happy staff * Engagement * Communication * Charities receive support.
  • FURTHER: https://www.thrill.com.au/team-building/furniture-4-families/