Thrill creates exciting Flash Mob engagements, weddings, conferences or activation marketing branding statement.

People love the power and effect of awesome flash mobs! Unique and engaging for all occasions. In any location from corporate offices to conference and function center Grand Ball rooms. Or on the streets of Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne.

Creatively designed with your selection of music tracks, vision, effects and dance styles. Bringing more mindful happiness into corporate culture. Exciting fun team building activities, evening entertainment or as a unique surprise event to impress Audiences. For 10 to 1,000 staff simultaneously. Celebrate and dance with Thrill’s 24 years of providing fun team experiences.

Flash Mobs in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane Creating Australia Wide Dance Performance and Engagement Events for 10-1,000’s of People Team building activities get a quote from Thrill Events

Thrill Flash Mob dancers and performers harnesses peoples energy and talents into a fun celebratory teamwork flash mob events on the streets for the public or keep it lower-key as a private performance or conference space.

Our Dancers, Choreographers, Performers, Instrumentalists will interact with your staff, employees, managers and leaders. Injecting enthusiasm blended with business values. That can be a fun unique new team bonding Dance style activity that gives a rhythm and gets everyone moving, grooving, smiling and engaged.

Exciting Flash Mob as an Activation, Performance, Engagement Surprise for Weddings, Team Building or Truly Amazing and Impressive Events

It’s all about the element of a creating a great surprise! Grab the attention of your friends, the public, staff and employees. Unite them, as they experience the development of a professional flash mob routine.

Thrill dancers perform unique Flash Mob Events bringing the wow factor of tremendous choreography. Whilst stiull being easy to learn fun moves to participate in, if you choose. Explosive, impressive dance moves and tricks can be taught to your business work colleagues, bridesmaids, hens, bucks, families or anyone who is brave enough to join in and bust their moves.

We have inspired many engagements and wedding couples. Created incredible interactive corporate companies, displayed and promoted under funded charities. Helping to bring out and perform your best work training event ever!

What Flash Mobbing has Thrill created? Utilising the power of people, music, movement and creativity to effect change!

  • WOOLWORTHS Sydney Flash Mob alongside Central Station and Surry Hills
  • Johnson and Johnson Melbourne Flash Mob with over 240 dancer performers on the Streets of Melbourne and Federation SquareJohnson & Johnson-Flash-Mob-Thrill
  • Carpet Court Flash Mob as an Activation at RACV Gold Coast
  • ROTARY International Flash Mob at Sydney Olympic Park with more than 16,000 peopleRotary-International-Flash-Mob-Thrill

THRILL are skilled at bringing the Happy smiles to all activations, engagements, corporate events. Superb for entertainment, staff training and performances that impress the public and private audiences.

Call and find out how: 02 9630 2222.  Videos + MORE