Thrill Team Greatest Fun Staff connection Games are  a series of engaging, active team building activities that reward staff, employees and corporate groups. Let’s celebrate teamwork by laughing and playing covid safely together.Thrill Hosting fun games for teams and corporate groups in all conference venues for great activites that are super fun bringing laughter and smiles to adult staff

Play is a proven technique to decreasing staff sick days (sickies). We create professionally hosted Thrill events staff to take your team on a fun journey of games. Playing a series of office and get to know you better adult games. Transforming your business culture in a matter of minutes!

Provided is a sensational, motivational team building play list that is Fast, inclusive and Entertaining for all groups to participate regardless of ability! The newset, latest and most fun Team Building Activities for 2022.

Your greatest Game Show master will have your team playing in any location. From within the office, boardroom, hotel lobby, a local park, indoor conference rooms, warehouses, corporate suites, sports centers or outdoors in any size park.

Ideal for Small and large corporate group entertainment of all sorts, allowing your people to be good sports. From 15-500 staff happily participating!

Professional Hosting and MC’ing of Corporate Event Games with Thrills Sample 2-2.5hr Day or Evening Entertainment Events

Minute to Win it 100 fun team building activities and games for office staff to participate, laugh, collaborate and communicate better together

  • The Meet and Greet; Ice Breaker GTKYG Fun Briefing by trained facilitators and Games Masters. Introducing and facilitating the games.
  • Trivia + Action for all participants to get people up ‘n active = 100% involvement.
  • Creative Fun Gameology or Card and Dice Games with competitive teams. Ideal to mix n match with
  • Minute 2 Win It! With amazing skills and individual challenges revealing staff characters.
  • Giant Scattergories; where your teams masters word puzzles as a united work-force.
  • Giant Pictionary Games; Incredible fun Art and Drawing Based communication or collaboration team based activity drawing out the different personalities
  • Expression Session; lets show em what you’re made of. Contestants demonstrate their individually unique skills, weird n wonderful and downright near impossible actions that are dramatically incredible!!!
  • Winners grand championship Trophy presented to the most deserving. Clap ‘o Meter or Maximum scores.

Experience a laughter filled office staff party where Interactive Play is a Highlight of The Day

  • Minute to Win it Games and competitions
  • Indoor office Mini Olympics with Office Stationary, Office Chairs and Office Furniture utilised in active ways that you would never dream of.
  • Fun n Games everywhere from Warehouses to Conference Venues and Meeting Board Rooms
  • Melbourne Cup fun celebration events; Jockeying for the winning run.
  • Card Games, Dice Games, Hula Hoop Games and tricks or even
  • Circus Skills with Hula Hoops and Spinning plates to balance in the boardroom…
  • Thrill team creates a fantastic array of new activities designed exactly to your requirements…Enquiry button for the best Thrill team events

Thrill can bring the whole box and dice, bag of tricks to your venue, conference room, offices, hotel, resort. Or book one of our partner venues from The Hilton In Sydney to Kooindah Waters and Crowne Plaza on THe Central Coast to The Novotels in Darling Harbour or Wollongong to the QT and Voco or RACV on the Gold Caost in Surfers Paradise.

Events at short notice, no problem. Whether you need an activity that motivates, inspires, lifts the morale and engages the whole office, department or company.

Thrill games hosts will transform your teams moral, motivation bring on the laughter medicine to create, smiles and happiness.

Book now to reward your staff Christmas Party active event reward for a job well done – reward your staff anytime with thrilling fun to kick off the working week.

Play Fun Thrill Games for all Corporate Groups, Staff and Employees to Enjoy a Laugh Together Breaking Down Communication Barriers and Increase Motivation  Office staff playing Fun games, entertaining activities with Thrill hosts that engage employees in Sydney, Brisbane and The Gold Coast in and around Surfers Paradise or Kingscliff

It’s time to get your staff and employees activated. Physically and mentally. Play is number #1 in Learning.Business often forget the healthy benefits of being out n about playing a terrific selection of entertaining, interactive games. Ideal for business groups and corporate teams that embrace being together.

Thrill team games are available In Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and Hunter Valley.

Ideal for your teams active participation during conference breaks or off sites and team planning days. Thrill provides your staff exciting, interactive entertaining activities that include and integrate everyone.

Imagine your employees all participating, engaged, playing and laughing together. It can happen with Thrill at the helm, building your team dynamically.

We would love for you to contact us for excellent advice and tips on inspiring employees and staff. Its time to break down communication barriers.

Experience the Best the top 5 laughter Packed Fun activity games list choosing from; Team building activities get a quote from Thrill Events

  1. Get To Know You Better Games that include Everyone; Hosted by Thrill staff skilled in over 300 Ice Breaker and Get To Know You Games that begins the team bonding process.
  2. Minute to Win It as your very own exclusive games show evening or day entertainment with professional hosts. That will lead your staff to build the foundations of playing together for pure enjoyment.
  3. Trivia Nights Trivia Sessions, Trivia Rounds. We select the best trivial pursuit activities that can include Spicks and Specs, Pictionary, Scattegories, Twister and more fun than you can poke a stick at….
  4. Side Show Carnivals, Corporate Family Days, Performers that come into your office and run a Jam Packed Extravaganza of Games straight out from our ‘Thrill Bag of Tricks.
  5. Relays, Rounders, Fun Team Competitions and amazing fun modified sports indoors or outdoors.

Exciting team fun Trivia, Spicks and Specs, Pictionary, Murder Mystery Nights or Evening Entertainment to Bond Staff from Sydney to Gold Coast Conference Centers

Friendly trivia plus action activity competition rounds over lunch, dinner or anytime your team needs a morale boost. Thrill is way beyond a pub trivia contest. Our corporate day and evening entertainment is terrific. Fully packaged with all the bells and whistles.

We mix it up with Spicks and Specks, Scattergories, Giant Pictionary fun art and Bullderdash on easels, Karaoke. Find out who in your business are the Trivia Champions and make everyone a hero!

Other events for evening entertainment include; Casino Nights, Team Artists, CSI Murder Mysteries, ClueDo and the finale hilarious Lip Sync Battles!

Fun ‘n Play for Businesses and Office Staff to Play Indoor Mini Olympic Games within Sydney Olympic Park to all Gold Coast Conference Venues, Resorts and Hotels

Bring back the fun of playing with your team and colleagues. From Biff The Boss to Flipping the Chicken. Play ridiculously fun Ball Games, Team development Games including Evolution.  Dice Games and many other favourites you may not have previously known existed. Get ready to Play over 100 games selected from a Thrilling fun bag of tricks. More…

Minute-2-Win It Indoor Office Staff Games Professionally Hosted by Thrill events Entertainment Hosts

Hundreds of competitive, skill oriented fun activities and skills that you can do in 1 Minute. With props or implements that Thrill organises and supplies. Imagine having your staff become the world champions in;

  • ping pong bouncers
  • cup stackers
  • hula hooping
  • rollers
  • coin sliders
  • balancers
  • oreo eaters
  • head yes sirs
  • pencil flippers
  • card blowers
  • MORE!!!!

All this and more is revealed to the amusement and encouragement of your colleagues in the final seconds. Have the whole office erupt into cheers and celebrate with Thrill Play. Simply sensational!

More detail on Thrill Team Experiences like Minute to Win it….

Beach Games for Outdoor Corporate Bodies

We dig serving up and smashing out the most excellent fun team building activities. Like Sand Sculpting Creative beach Champions. Iron man Competitions, Beach Carnivals and playing Beach Volleyball and beach cricket. Available on all great Australian beaches from Sydney, Manly to Broad Beach and Surfers on The Gold Coast.

Clickety Click here for More details on the Hottest team Games and Fun Conference Meeting Escape Beach Activities…..

Call the team that provides THRILLing team events and experiences direct on M: 0459 11 11 29

  • Locations: All Venues from Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, Southern Highlands, Coffs Harbour, Gold Coast and Brisbane
  • Duration: From 30 minutes to 3hrs
  • Suitable For: Everyone regardless of age, gender, fitness or ability. The Games adapted to suit the group. Group sizes from 10 to 1,000's
  • Summary Call 02 9630 2222 discuss your event. Thrill designs and deliver game compendiums for adults and kids at heart.
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