thrill award winning team building activities and staff events

Virtual Online Team Building Activities Hosted Thrill Lab for Staff Training

Thrill offers a series of Virtual Online team building activities for staff training via THRILLs online team development lab portal.

As training tools we choose the best hosted delivery of online courses to your employees, staff, volunteers and managers.

Supplying professional hosts that are Thrill trained professionals with over 5 years of technical experience in teaching people to perform at their best within teams.

Thrill have joined the E-learning in teams industry.

Engaging hosts and facilitators that have the ability to train your employees anywhere in the world.

Your online team building event will be hosted via Microsoft teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Virtual Rooms.

  • 15-20 minutes as required in 1-5 scheduled sessions
  • Team initiatives or Fun Games for Staff Motivation, Connection and Morale
  • Collaboration for Remote Teams
  • Interactive team development
  • MBTI – Personality and Team Profiling, with our accredited MBTI staff engagement Facilitator
  • DISC
  • TMS Team management Systems
  • Staff Games On Line

allowing people to connect, collaborate, and contribute.
Designed to link staff
improve communication with excellent employee / team collaboration whilst being in any remote location with internet access.

Thrill emails your staff a content check list, or via physical mail a comprehensive surprise team building kit for your team to get prepared.

We then link up the players to be in sub teams playing to win or collaborating to succeed.

Imagine your staff laughing and being logged on, playing real team games to improve teamwork all at the same time!