Flug Tag Team Building Red Bull Sydney Harbour Activities and Experiences

Red Bull Flug Tag Team Building Ideas Take Flight over Sydney Harbour

Flug Tag Team Building Red Bull Sydney Harbour Activities and Experiences Unique Team Building Ideas for Sydney Corporate Business Staff Taking Flight Over Sydney Harbour this November in the build up to Christmas End Of Year Corporate Parties.

Thrill will assist your team to design a craft to be flown into Sydney Harbour waters from Mrs Macquaries Chair within sight of Sydney Harbour Bridge for over 30,000 spectators and media exposure of your brand to millions of people.

Today Thrill were contacted by Maggie from Red Bull to explain the concept.

Hi Konrad Lippmann !

Nice chatting earlier.
To shed some more light around the event, Red Bull Flugtag challenges teams of four to design, build and pilot homemade flying machines or ‘crafts’. On November 10, these flying machines will take off from a 6-metre high flight deck at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in the hopes of ‘flying’ over the iconic Sydney Harbour.enquiry button thrill team events

Like I mentioned on the phone, we’re currently on the hunt for companies and individuals daring (or crazy) enough to get involved. So far we’ve had the greatest success from businesses such as Budgy Smuggler and University of Technology Sydney who are sponsoring teams for their employees and students to use as a team building exercise which is why I thought it was fitting to reach out. This event is certainly a team building challenge that strays from the norm, is an amazing experience and let’s those involved be heroes for the day! In addition to that, crafts can have branding which gives companies access to over 30,000 eyeballs on the day and great content which will be shared on channels that will be seen by even more!

The process involves the following: after participants or a business registers interest we send them an application kit which has a booklet to draw a sketch. This is then sent back to the Red Bull office (in Alexandria) for judging. If selected in the top 40, your team will have a bit over 3 months to build their craft ready to fly for November.


Key Dates
Craft Designs Due: July 20
Winning Teams Announced: August 10 (building phase begins)
Building Phases Closes: November 1
Event Day: November 10

If this sounds like something either Thrill or your clients may be interested in feel free to reach out via email or call 02 9630 2222.

Until then, you can check out our website or a video from a previous event. Look forward to hearing from you!

Red Bull Flugtag Pilot Liaison
Red Bull Australia Pty Limited
Level 1, 55 Doody Street, Sydney Corporate Park,
Alexandria NSW 2015 Australia
www.flugtag.redbull.com FLUGTAG