Rhianna VanderPutten

Hello I am the original Rhianna VanderPutten.

A fun, positive and energetic Thrill facilitator with excellent interpersonal skills.

I love collaborating with diverse groups and building teams ability to perform and accomplish teamwork cohesively.

I have a unique and personal approach to connecting teams and building a positive culture within your company, helping to motivate your team to work together to achieve a common goal.

I have spent years training in various types of performance, specialising in connection and collaboration.


  • 5+ years leading and motivating culturally diverse teams to achieve a higher level of connection within their company
  • 5+ years facilitating a range of fun and engaging events for groups both small and large
  • 15+ years building skills in performance, including dance, drama, etc.
  • Skills in connecting mind and body through performance to improve connection
  • Collaborating with teams of diverse skills, building professional levels of staff
  • Delivering exceptional results, through motivation in teams and embracing individuals skills
  • Building confidence within individuals for a stronger and more positive personal and professional development
  • Improving the workplace culture through team building
  • Performed for large crowds internationally to grow audience
  • Performed at charity events to encourage involvement
  • Travelled to a range of countries to learn about their history and cultures
  • Live performance for impactful results


  • Diploma of Screen and Media,
  • Cert III in Live Production and Services.
  • First Aid and CPR