Congratulations on entering your team on a Thrill Amazing Race.
Here is your Spicks ‘n Specks Audio Music and Artists Challenge! Scored / 100

Listen carefully to > music file. Integrity & Honesty Counts!
– NO Shazam or Artificial Intelligence AI or special apps to be used.Thrill Spicks and Specks musical team building amazing race music file

Write and hand in answers and hand in with team name
on Blue >>GO-GO>> Envelope at next Amazing Race Registration.

a/ Artists / Composers

b/ Song / Musical Piece Names

Music track play & listen to m4a file below.


Frasers Property – Catholic Education – Salesforce – Perfect Beginnings Amazing Race Team Building in Sydney to Brisbane Events

Complete the blue >>GO GO>> Amazing Race envelope en-route.
Bonus Points – Create a Video Karaoke of
your Team singing 1 Verse of  KOKOMO 
Get here fast to sing Kokomo – in tune!
Skip onward …… to another funtastic moment in time.

Spicks n Specks

i. Song: _______________________________________ Artist: __________________________

ii. Song: _______________________________________ Artist: __________________________

iii. Song: _______________________________________ Artist: __________________________

iv. Song: _______________________________________ Artist: __________________________

v. Song: _______________________________________ Artist: __________________________

vi. Song: _______________________________________ Artist: __________________________

Music / Song Name


Thrill designs custom built creative, musically sound inspired team building activities. Trivia action, hosted games, staff training for listening skills and re-connection. Staff celebrations, corporate entertainment. More fun focus events for all small businesses to large corporate groups in Sydney to Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast QLD. We challenge leadership teams and staff to accomplish more. Facilitating proven experiential staff training strategies for teamwork performance to achieve success as a united team. Commending all people who complete Thrill activities and challenges to the best of their ability within their capability. Consistent performance, honesty with integrity is the winning formula.

Avoiding using shazam, AI and other apps to short circuit your music quiz.

Here we have included an audio spicks and specks group audio team listening activity challenge online. Reflecting a broad range of popular music and some quirky unusual ones too. Good luck and see you on your amazing race Pitstop with Thrill soon.