Staff training, Reconnection and motivation through teamwork in 2022

Staff Training Getting Motivation and Teamwork Started in 2022

Starting 2022 with quality staff training is essential to get your team cooperating, collaborating and team working toward the same business goals.

Too often we hear of destructive elements within a team that lowers the ability to achieve their best outcomes.

Avoid or deal with Conflicts and personality clashes.

Thrill goes beyond basic conflict resolution by providing an understanding of personality profiles. Such as the basic DISC, DOVE and onto the gold standard and proven Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator tool MBTI.

Thrill team training facilitators select specialised team development activities that complement the understanding of self. Your motivations, aspirations, ability to work cohesively in a team environment and most of all your work preferences.

How you work within your teams is critical. We all believe that getting the job done is the goal. However how we go about achieving that goal can be damaging to work colleagues.

As its our job to ensure your employees and staff are with your business through the tough Covid times and onto future projects that allow your business to prosper into 2022 and onto 2025.

For further discussion on the role that Thrill team training can contribute to team cohesion and success please speak with Michelle Chapman Sydney – NSW or Konrad Lippmann Gold Coast / Brisbane Queensland.

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