Survivor for Australian Team Building Events Where The Tribe Has Spoken

Celebrating 13 years of Survivor team building activities or events for corporate groups, leadership development and business staff training to Outwit, Out Last and Out Play in Sydney, Blue Mountains the Gold Coast beaches and green hinterland.

Thrill in conjunction with Bushsports has developed an awesome line up of Survivor Tribe leadership team bonding activities in Sydney, Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and Southern Highlands.

Top Survivor Activities Suggest as part of a Themed Team Event

– Sling Shot Shoot
– Planks Crossing
– Puzzle Obstacle Course
– Raft Building or Chariot Building
– Clay Pot Smashing
– Boomerang Throw
– Treasure Dig
– Obstacle Course
– Fire making Challenge (+BIlly Boil)
– Eating challenges
– Survivor Auction Challenge
– Survivor Knows Best Trivia Challenge
– Survivor Memory Games
– Shelter Build

Select Thrill Survivor Games and Events to Win Immunity and Reward Challenges

    Tribal War Cry
Create a brief war cry or chant that displays your teams (tribes) true colours.

   Puzzle Relay
Collect pieces of a puzzle one at a time  in a relay order and then make the puzzle fit a specified shape.

  Planks crossing / Water retrieval
Using planks your tribe crosses a zone to retrieve water for survival and must bring the water safely back to your tribes end zone.

   Sling shot Shoot
Safety briefing for use of large sling shots. Tribes have a shooter and 2 holders with a 4th person handing the sponge water bombs to be fired into the target.

    Search and Retrieve
Tribes line up and fit their thrill buff over their eyes to blindfold, a leader with eyes open directs the tribe to collect items of food.

   Raft or Chariot Buildingenquiry button thrill team events
Tribal team mates receive raft building equipment and have 20 minutes in which to build a stable floating raft that they can paddle around a set water course. Or a Chariot on which to carry a Tribal team member.

Tribal council
Facilitator / Survivor host, has the people who have received jury bones go and discuss tho determine the tribe that has won – these jury bone holders then announce the true winning tribe whilst the rest of the tribes vote on the ultimate Thrill Survivor.

Thrill is available to replicate any Survivor activity or event if your team and tribe are prepared to go the distance. Various physical abilities and teamwork skills are available from level 1 fun to level 5 wow full on.  Select your level of challenge.

Call THRILL team events to speak with the Australian Survivor Corporate Games and Survival Team Training experts, that will take your tribe to the tribal council vote.

New 2 day Gold Coast Hinterland Survivor Games for Corporate and Leadership Groups

Day 1

Coach Transfer Pick up from Surfers Paradise, Kings Beach, Coolangatta Airport, Brisbane Hotels, Brisbane Airport; be delivered into the spectacular Gold Coast Hinterland.

Meet your Survivor Games Host – be allocated 2 distinct tribes and buffs;

1/ Yugumbeh Tribe – “The Yugumbah peoples were family orientated & community minded, intelligent, good people. Modern day dating of shell mittens found in Yugumeh land (Gold Coast area) prove that this area is one of the oldest inhabited areas in the world”.

2/ Kurrungal Tribe – “Kurrungul was a place of abundant food, vegetables, fruits, nuts, meat, shellfish & seafood.  Red Cedar, Rosewood, Mahogany. The forests were magnificent & full of life” ( source: Aboriginal Care Australia inc 2017).  

Complete 1st Survivor Games Immunity Challenge – Fire and Food!

Tribe with the most food and fire selects their campsite; near water or near views.

2nd Challenge; Build your tribal campsite. Survival equipment is provided with basic sheltering materials and camp bedding.

3rd Inter Team Tribe Challenge; Search and Retrieve

Evening 1st Tribal Council. Where the most talented and resourceful are voted

A hidden Immunity Idol can be sourced to protect the finder from the votes

1 Night in the real Australian Bush camping under the stars.


Morning – Drop your Buffs and change up the Survivor Games.

Rotation of 2 Bushsports Challenges

a/ 45m Abseil into the Mt Bally Gold Coast Rainforest Canyon

b/ Ropes Course and Summit Trek

Lunch – feast and final Tribal Council debrief…

Be rewarded and transported back to luxurious accommodation on the Gold Coast beaches.

For more details contact THRILL 0459 1111 29