Team Building Survivor activity challenges for staff reward. An Immunity Idol African Mask

Survivor Blue Mountains BNSW Team Building

I’m Brendan Morris, recently appointed facilitator and instructor for corporate team building challenges across Sydney, The Blue Mountains Central Coast and NSW for Thrill team events. It was a pleasure to facilitate my second Team Building Survivor 2 day retreat with 23 BNSW Survivors at Hartley Valley Farm on the western edge of the Blue Mountains just past Blackheath.Team Building Survivor

Such a stunning backdrop to a thrilling range of Survivor activities. Mountain tops encircled the castaways as they were split into three tribes Gundungurra, Eloura and Wiradjuri. Tribes were provided a strategic bearing to their tree mail. Outlining 9 immunity challenges to be accomplished over two hard fought days.

  • Raft Building and crossing through muddy waters around outcast island
  • Slingshots shooting water bombs into targets
  • Puzzles where strategy and wits were applied

Grueling yet fun tests the teams overcame with tenacity. Half the group took to the hills, horse riding the scenic mountain trails. Others boiled billy’s in a traditional fire building challenge to see who could provide safe drinking water for their tribes survival.

Teams felt excitement, experienced frustration and most importantly provided overwhelming support of their fellow tribe members. This 2 day Survivor Team Building Event built on the dynamics of a great group of colleagues. Forging stronger bonds and relationships through intense challenges.enquiry button thrill team events

Evoking both the competitive natureSurvivor Team Building Challenge with Fire Building and forced the tribes to problem solve, communicate and rely upon one another under pressure. Several challenges tested their mental strength, stamina, time management and coordination.  which they decided the winning tribe and who would be placed on the Jury. Their greatest challenge wasn’t against winning opposing tribes, but rather how to work as 1 united tribe effectively and successfully no matter what the environment, circumstances or challenges presented.

Hartley Valley Farm was basic as far as luxury is concerned, yet a stunning venue. We were treated to a remarkable off-site dinner at the Leura Garage with the most delicious calamari rings i have had the pleasure to devour. The Blue Mountains didn’t let us down. Stunning country side, green pasture paddocks, stock horses and acres of rolling country. In summary I learnt to facilitate team development outcomes through an exceptionally well orchestrated Survivor program.