SURVIVOR Events Komodo Islands

Komodo Islands Survivor team events Indonesia by ThrillSURVIVAL KOMODO ISLANDS

Our most unique corporate survival Survivor team building event to date was conducted off the unspoilt Indonesian Komodo Islands with real Komodo Dragons lazing in the shade nearby.

Building and Sailing Rafts to remote Islands. Diving with Manta Rays, camping beneath the stars, improvised shelters, sling shot shooting, spear fishing – Bear Grylls style.

After several rigorous days a surprise was in the waiting. Our contestants were picked up in a speed boat launch and whisked off to stunning islands and pampered. This unique corporate adventure was topped off with luxurious accommodation and the best wood fired Pizza in Indonesia.

Not every company may be able to challenge and reward their employees this extensively. Therefore Thrill has designed exceptional half day activities packages.

That achieves results close to the office and in conference centers. Incorporate a strategic team building focus, excellent content and timing. Ultimate survivor scenarios are created and replicated for all our clients. Discuss your next corporate event with Thrill staff as soon as you can.