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Hi my name is Konrad Lippmann, an accredited professional team building and events facilitator. With over 21 years experience in providing exceptional teamwork results for over 100,000+ staff from Australian corporate group clients.team building case study

Your reputation as a skilled Conference organiser, PA, EA, Learning & Development or HR manager is as important to us, as your teams development.

Here, we share with you insights to our corporate client experiences based on evaluations and feedback we receive from Thrill team building case studies.

Implementing the suggestions and feedback to turn Thrill events into the best team building experiences on offer.

Reviewing a team building case study provides you with the tools of decision making. Researching new ideas on making your next business team bonding experience the best employee recognition, incentive and reward that can be offered.

5,000+ Events Experience a Team Building Case Study Selection

Beyond Bruce Tuckmans Team Formation Model, there is more to be learnt from examining a Team Building Case Study. What happens prior to and post the activities is essential in understanding what a team development program achieved and needs.team building activities events enquiry form

  • Norming
  • Forming
  • Storming
  • Performing
  • Reforming
  • Adjourning
  • Reviewing outcomes and making improvements

For groups looking to seriously develop their team. We perform a needs analysis.

Or is it a corporate staff incentive programs within 2hrs of Sydney that you require? Thrill caters for weekend and week long annual employee retreats. Hosting seminars, talks, meetings and functions with professional accredited facilitators.

Staff Skill development programs; enhance trust, teamwork, team efficiency and team effectiveness. Confidence building, inter-reliance and communication skills development. Facilitated Strategy meetings for senior executives and managers. Team building exercises which encourage innovative solutions to problems and obstacles.

“Giving your employees and teams proven problem solving skills that encourages ownership in developing their own solutions”.

Are you faced with the challenge of integrating staff and new employees into functional effective teams? Allow Thrill accredited professionals work with you, your management and CEO.

Develop a clear set of goals matched to your expectations and team building objectives.

We help you achieve the results you want.

Corporate client feedback demonstrate that fun activities bring positive results

Thrill provide an excellent event planning system for corporate events, communities and family celebrations. Our large corporate group event activities packages format will entertain your clients, guests and family. Have a friendly laugh whilst participating in a series of challenging activities together.

Creating experiences that result in lasting memories for you and your guests. That are as much fun for your staff as they are relaxing for yourself. Knowing that all the event details are managed.

Browse our website to see the variety of special event packages and activities we have on offer for team building. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call us, we are always happy to help you create something new and spectacular with a wow factor.

Amazing Sydney venues for Corporate Events

When searching for the best venues around Sydney call us, we can help take out the guesswork. Custom designed tailored events with a detailed list of Catering suggestions and Beverage/Drinks menus as a part of our event management services.

Stuck for team building ideas?

Let our staff find the uplifting and thrilling fun corporate activity that’s perfect for your team.

Offering immediate solutions and packages to meet your team building objectives, with the ability to adapt to your group whatever the circumstances on the day.
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How do we plan for your team event?

Firstly, we discuss your ideas and objectives to understand your event needs. Our event analysis helps define areas requiring attention that may have been overlooked. Then we advise suitable solution strategies and concepts for your review. From there, we quote on 2-3 custom solutions aligned to your Corporate Culture, Behaviours, Values, Team Profiles, Budgets and Outcomes to be achieved.

Benefit from Quality Team Building Case Study Reviews

Avoid boring and lame team activities. Thrill your team with innovative fresh concepts and ideas for corporate groups. Knowing what has succeeded from a previous team building case study allows excellent decision making processes.

  • Improved staff relationships, developing shared fun experiences which leave lasting +ve memories.
  • Get to know your work colleagues better, breaking down the barriers in communication.
  • Become a more cohesive, effective and efficient united team, achieving consistent success
  • Providing a neutral safe environment with non confrontational, non-work activities.
  • Opening up the opportunity of exploring, expressing and achieving engagement with common understandings.
  • Significant ongoing benefits result from a well formulated team building experience with improved communication, employee interactions, cooperation, task cohesion, problem solving, a sense of belonging and renewed energy working toward worthwhile business goals, well beyond the event day.
  • Client companies and corporate groups utilise a team building case study for motivational fun or as part of their internal reward incentives program for completion of a Project, Service or Product.

No matter what the concept or your initial idea, our team are ready to listen and provide honest advice with friendly services to get your team event running smoothly.

Call Thrill to deliver a quality team building case study example to ensure your future activities, team building and events are a success!