Lego-team-building-fun team building activities in the Blue Mountains and Gold Coast next

Lego Australia sales teams experienced the THRILL wow factor again.

This time with a premium Amazing Race activities bonanza at the Fairmont Resort in the Blue Mountains.

Capturing the essence of their product. ‘PLAY’ whilst sharing and telling the Lego Toy story!

Each amazing Checkpoint was hosted by Thrill team staff facilitating specific games and activities that had Lego staff and employees collecting Lego pieces. Like a giant puzzle all pieces united together a special story that bonded the sales team successfully.

LEGO Business Conference Amazing Race Team Building Activation

CLIENT BRIEF by LEGO Australia: To bring their Australian & New Zealand staff working together to embed the Lego Australia Conference Outcomes. Marrying together the joy of play and the journey of their staff.

Solution: Custom designed high quality Amazing Race with Creative, Collaboration, Strategies. Balanced with fun teamwork.

Testimonial Reference from LEGO corporate to Thrill Events for Exceptional Results

“Konrad Lippmann, A big thank you to you, Michelle (Mish) Chapman and your team for putting together a fantastic team building activity for LEGO sales team on Friday.  I know the mammoth task you all had on your hands to get us coherent and actively participating. Especially following a night of the group celebrating till all hours of the morning. Hats off to you guys for that”.

“We’ve received great feedback from the team regarding the Amazing Race around The Blue Mountains Fairmont Resort. I really appreciate the amazing event Thrill prepared. Again, thank you!!!”

Angelica – LEGO Australia