Team Building INITIATIVES for staff teamwork, change, communication, collaboration and motivation

Thrill team building Initiatives facilitaor will take your staff team on a journey through 4-12 team building games that become initiative based / teamwork exercises.
Focussed on improving communication, teamwork problem solving, motivation and cohesion to achieve success. 
5-50 pax Teams – with Trained – Skilled Team Builder facilitator to your venue
Suggested. 2-3hrs 
A series of personalised initiatives and games evolves under the expert instruction and guidance of the Thrill facilitator. 

team building activities initiatives collaboration and teamwork saves the day for improving staff communication and small teams

From simple to complete and complex focus on success + achievement through collaborative teamwork !
We promise the Team Building initiatives will enhance staff collaboration and strengthen the team bond.

For all teams that operate in a virtual environment or shared office spaces. Thrill team building initiatives will stimulate staff to cooperate and succeed better together.

Thrill facilitated team building Initiatives are superb fun breaking the routine.

Creating a quality of understanding the skills of staff.

Appreciation of their knowledge for each team member’s strengths and individual perspectives.

Key Performance Indicators and Take Outs : sourced from

Epic Team Building

  1. Team building games are essential tools for enhancing team cohesion and understanding individual strengths.
  2. The right team building activity can cater to both virtual and in-person teams, ensuring inclusivity.
  3. Not every game suits every team; it’s crucial to choose activities that all members feel comfortable and safe participating in.
  4. Beyond fun, these games often reveal insights about team dynamics and can be a stepping stone to address underlying issues.
  5. Incorporating regular team building exercises can lead to improved communication, trust, and overall team performance.

Team Building Initiatives METHOD

Break into 4-5 teams and compete in a series of 5 fun team development and skill based staff challenges.
Each challenge round; 1 person from the team is moved into another team.
Team Collaboration Success
That person will always carry vital information to be a valuable asset to their new team. 
Professionally hosted and facilitated team initiatives to achieve success. 
Communication, Collaboration and excellent executed teamwork, Inter-active team building relationships and abilities consistently + strategically will win the day!

INDOOR STAFF Team Building Initiatives to Succeed

Series 1
The Great Escape – break a series of codes and challenges in the fastest times 
Series 2
Dice and dicey conditions – fun to serious roll a dice race games
Series 3
Part of your team is blindfolded, 1 is appointed leader with the vision and project management details. Another is allocated logistics. Your mission is in a sealed envelope. Create a Triangle inside a Square …. utilsing only the materials provided.
Series 4
Spaghetti Tower or Foil Follies or Project Pipelines 
Use engineering and daring risk vs reward team strategies to build the best, strongest and tallest free standing structure.
Series 5
Enter The Mindfield to clear the thermo nuclear exploding devices within the set time. 
Most defused bombs within set time wins! 
Mindfield challenge team building success for staff
Team with the most points after all challenges are complete is declared and rewarded the winner. 
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