Team Building Activities Benefits Employee Mental Health

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The links to physical activity for improvement to mental health have been well documented for many years in Australia.

With the latest budget breakdown it is time to reflect on the mental health issues of corporate business.

Team Building Activities Forecast Employee Mental Health 

PwC analysts reported in 2014, that for every $1 spent on corporate teams improving mental health strategies a $2.30 return to the business. mental health benefits for emplyees engaging in team building activities

Workplace Wellness in Australia has authored a study by Medibank in association with PwC. is a great read

The report “Aligning action with aims: Optimising the benefits of workplace wellness” suggests improvements for corporate groups, corporations and businesses to look after their people.

This report produced by a team within PricewaterhouseCoopers’ National Health Practice, is in consultation with Health Solutions Medibank and Fitness 2 live.

They found that –

“The imperative for supporting workplace health is clear, the benefits are harder to quantify for employers. A suite of collaborative and interdependent actions are therefore required to enable effective workplace wellness.
Ultimately, the sustainability of workplace wellness programs at an organisational level will depend on demonstrating a return on investment”

The results are even more pronounced when accomplished with a professional team building provider such as THRILL team building activities supplying instructional staff with accreditation and qualifications in Human Movement.

What does Healthy Motivated staff mean for corporate team building activities and business

In summary most Australian Work Places are aware of mental health issues.

You can circumvent many issues by Optimising the benefits of workplace wellness.

  • Be consistent!
  • Provide a diverse range of team building activities that engage your staff at all levels
  • Ensure that the physical activities are within the capability level of your employees.
  • Combine team building activities with environments that increase the positive effects of physical activities whilst not harming your employees.
  • Speak to an industry professional who can deliver your specific requirements

A balance of healthy team building activities that are physical in nature will benefit the businesses bottom line by having happier teams, happier employees, greater job satisfaction and employee retention!

Workplace mental health impacts businesses profitability and more importantly employees. Physical Team building activities are proven to reduce absenteeism.

Employee assistance program mental health improve businesses profits and employees. Physical Team building activities reduce absenteeism. Get teams Moving!

To discuss workplace mental health improvements – speak with Konrad Lippmann in Sydney. 02 9630 2222

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