Discover ways to Think outside the Box

With Thrill Team Building Events and amazing facilitators train yourself and your team to overcome a situation by « thinking outside the box ».

7 ways and their solution

  1. Think about something else: Leave the box for a moment. Move on to a different activity. Go outside to get fresh air.
  2. Look differently: Look at this box from another side (as a child for example). Make a list of all differences.
  3. See further: Go beyond the first idea of what is in the box and push their meanings further. Ask yourself more questions about the box content.
  4. Analyze what is around it: Take the time to understand what surrounds this box, why and how it makes this box so interesting.
  5. Try something new: Pick a box with a different shape, an other color, a completely different one. Learn everything you can from it.
  6. Do the opposite: Take the most opposite box and try it. Reverse your mindset.
  7. Go into the unknown: Open a box without a name, test it and test yourself to this unknown environment. Think anew.



Share with us your best experience of « thinking outside the box ». It could be at work or in your personal life. Thrill members will reward the best story by offering the winner an amazing personal box.

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Thrill your way of thinking!