Thrill Sydney Sunrise 100 Basketball Flash Mob Performance with Karla The Kangaroo and Lauren Jackson

Thrill Basketball Flash Mob at Sydney Harbour Bridge overlooking the Opera House and Sydney Harbour was a magnificent success.

100 Thrill dancers, performers and Flash Mobbers joined Karla The Kangaroo and Lauren Jackson in a Thrill special Sunrise 100 Basket Ball Flash Mob performance on Sydney Harbour.

They produced excellent moves, learnt a series of spectacular dance choreography and get into the right space to create 100 

whilst handling a basketball.

Bsketball 100 Flash Mob with Lauren Jackson and Karla The Kangaroo Sydnye Harbour Thrill event
Join a special 100 Flash Mob in Sydney

Karla The Womens Basketball Mascot Story

100 days to go to the FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup 2022. Join Karla the amazing Flash Mobbing Kangaroo hopping, flash mob style onto Sydney basketball courts as the tournament mascot. Australia’s most iconic native animal symbols.

Flash Mob Dancers, Basket Ball players and trickers to show up in the Sydney for the flagship women’s basketball summit. Be greeted by a kangaroo wearing a blue uniform with the No. 22 answering to the name of Karla. 

Fans will be interested to know that Karla is in fact a teenage kangaroo that hails from Alice Springs, the third-largest town in the Northern Territory. The Red Centre is also the birthplace of the event’s logo, which was inspired by fourteen-year-old Aboriginal basketball Armerlie ‘Marlii’ Biscoe

A basketball dribbling, passing and shooting Kangaroo, Karla will be shaking up and showing her moves with 100 of her ‘flash’ mob on a Sydney Harbour Sunrise bright n early. As a a first-time visitor to Australia’s biggest city Sydney. Karla will be out and about sightseeing when not watching games and showcasing some of her own dance moves on the court between the buzzers.

Our native flag emblem marsupial made the perfect mascot for this event because Karla is athletic, dynamic, graceful, fast, powerful and proud. Kangaroo’s like Karla are so intertwined with the host nation identity that they are even featured on Australian currency as well as the country’s Coat of Arms. Like the emu, never taking a step backward.

Karla the mascot was conceived and designed by Spike Creative, with the design experience leaving it’s mark within the agency. 

“It has been an absolute honour bringing Karla to life over the past couple of months and we can’t wait to see her representing on the global stage,” said the agency’s creative director, Mick Russell. “We truly immersed ourselves in Karla’s persona during her character development and simply smile with pride and happiness every time she appears on our screens. Her personality exudes fun and warmth and I am confident she will bring plenty of vibrant energy and enthusiasm to the tournament.”