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Thrill your Conference Introduce Team Building Activities, Developing Team Spirit in the Community

Make your conference more dynamic and participatory by introducing fun team building activities in your speech.

You are organizing a conference with people from all over the world coming to listen to you. You want to give them all the new information but also make them have a good time. Thrill has the solution!

Surprise your audience with interactive games. Get them to participate and share games. But also give them the opportunity to get to know each other better. That is what we offer you:

Icebreaker questions

Foster communication and engage collaboration. In groups of 6-8 ask Professional Outlook, Past Professional Experiences and Personal questions. 25minutes to know as much as possible.

Mini Olympics Games

Fun and develops competition. Win the most points through strategics, speed and strength games to be elected the best team of the conference. 1hr30 of recess to have fun.

Charity Building

Engage in personal development, team relationships and group training. Together or in groups, make toys for hospitalized children. Relax and share during 1hr30.

Make the conference unforgettable, full of learning and sharing. Thrill your Conference.

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